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Fitness update September | Getting back into a Rhythm

I’ve detailed before my struggles with my weight, and this year was meant to be getting back into a routine and retake that weight off, however with everything that’s happened it become a bit stagnant, my motivation, Time and accessibility has decreased, to the point now my weight is much higher than its been in 4 years.

What has been happening?

In 2016 and 2017 I made great inroads into my weight loss and generally healthiness, I lost about a quarter of my body weight and felt much better, but I’ve written before in 18,19 I seemingly gained a stone a year, and this year another half, which was most frustrating thing about it was the lack of food I eat and no obvious reason why I gained so much weight, especially when I compare what I eat to others, I’ve had to tweak my diet and food intake yet again if I compare to 2016 and 17, I’m not really doing much different, but I know this year hasn’t helped.


But with Lockdown easing, ish, and the kids going back to school, I’m trying to get back into a routine, I had reached that point of its just to much weight now, and I need to try and get back to what I was a couple of years ago, it will take time to get back to the desired weight but I have to try and atleast make a dent in the near 3 stone I would like to lose, 2 would be good for the short term. Part of the issue this year has been the closing of Gyms, this was a bump that derailed my Gym motivation when they reopened as part of the Lockdown, I was obviously hesitant, and since then I’ve actually paused my membership and no plans to restart it.

September Schwinn Challenge

So a couple of new things that I’m trying, first I’m doing the September Schwinn Challenge in which I do 10 days of exercise workouts, it has some simple 15-minute workouts, and the book also supplied was Micro workout plan by Tom Holland, which has n interesting read, but also some further workouts which is excellent for someone who has limited knowledge in simple workout routines, both the challenge and the follow-up exercises are designed for no equipment and short bursts, so if you are limited time or don’t have equipment its an excellent addition.

I’m interested to see how this makes a difference, I’ve tweaked my food diet, and with us saving on money,  we decided to drastically reduce takeaways and restaurant’s (obviously), but me working in a shop does create temptation, and I’ve tried to reduce this both for me and the family, with only a treat o film nights, and that’s it. So let’s hope it makes a difference when I re-weigh shortly.

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