• My TV and surround sound are important!

    With Surround sound and TV’s, In our household, we don’t spend too much on lavish outlays. We run a tight budget, and avoid big expenditures, very rarely would we spend any large amounts of anything. However, for the last few years, I’ve tried to keep my TV and sound set up fairly up to date.

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  • Lego 21326 ideas Flintstones

    Lego 21326 ideas range is a fan-voted series that gets made by normal people, then LEGO put up the ideas to be voted on. Whichever gets the most then gets legos final decision, and if successful is designed by Lego themselves and launched. The Flintstones was number 24 in the ideas range and based on the classic popular animated series. 

  • The Zog Walk at High Lodge!

    The Zog walk is based on the Zog dragon story from Julia Donaldson’s and Axel Scheffler’s picture book. There was an animated version on TV following the success from the previous books and animated films, Gruffalo, stick man, Room on the Broom. The walk we attended takes place at High Lodge in Thetford forest. 

  • Dairy and Yeast Intolerant! But I Love Cake, Cheese and Milk?

    A while ago Myself and Boo did an Intolerant and Allergy test, I’ve struggled for a while with a variety of things and was first alerted to something odd. When ever I ate I sneezed, which was generally funny for others and myself at times but i didn’t really understand why.

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  • Shreks Adventure | Dad Review

    Shreks adventure is based on the popular Shrek franchise along with other Dreamworks animation films. Including King fu panda, Madagascar, How to train your Dragon but centres around the Shrek world. It’s in London near the London Eye and Sealife centre

  • Tiggers Gaming Life

    Tigger growing up wasn’t Into gaming lots, Roo actually played more than him as his age. She enjoyed playing things like skylanders etc. But eventually, he began to play a tablet, again like Roo, maybe because she would be playing it near him.

  • Lego and Why We Love it

    I love Lego… Could end it there lol, over the years Lego had improved in design, quality and choice of characters and my enjoyment and love of it has grown.

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