Presents, Do people put thought into them?

Over the years I like to think that myself and Boo have put thought into presents that we have given out, whether it’s family or friends, Birthdays or Xmas. Some have been easier than others but even the quick and easy ones were still appropriate and given thought.

However the presents that we have received haven’t always been the best, it’s not that I’m ungrateful, or the kids, and like most people are grateful for anything, but I do wonder how did they make that decision? Its almost like they have no interest in our lives, or haven’t asked? or remember, I’m just unsure how people go about buying some of the stuff we have received.

Boo has often been given the same/similar stuff almost the whole time. She often gets a variety of Toiletries, perfumes, “smellies” Candles. A lot of the Toiletries she is allergic too and this point has been made for many years in conversations and subtle points.

The three kids have got just simply random stuff… Over the years on the extremely rare occasion, they have received something where I think “the kids might like that” some of them have been toys where, because of the type of kids we have, they will play with especially in front of them. They aren’t what they’re into or are a bit young. Roo has become the hardest, with the younger two you can just about get away with it. But with her, she gets some stuff that again I think, how did you not ask her what she wants, like or into? One year she had a unicorn theme presents from a couple of people, I know they’re popular in the last couple of years but she has never expressed an interest in them or doesn’t really care for them, With Roo we have taught her to be polite, answer in a certain way and we will deal with it afterwards.

It’s like holding a birthday party where you get gifts from other children that are completely random. (don’t get me wrong, some of these have been better than family) because the parent of the child ultimately doesn’t know that child well and goes safe.  And there has been some clangers at these parties, and don’t get me wrong once or twice I have been that parent, where we were surprised of the invite but its because the whole class was invited, our child has wanted to go but isn’t that close to them, we don’t know them. So we have bought a generic style present. 

With myself, at times I have no words…again on the odd occasion I might get some alcohol, or sweets, or biscuits that ultimately is fine, and on the once in a blue moon occasion I got some Lego! Even though everyone knows I collect Lego. On my 18 I got a CD rack? But through the years I have random Toiletries, socks, and a whole host of stuff that was confusing, a couple of times boo and I have joint wicker basket of just pure random, including some more toiletries, sweets, chocolate. Even recently I received a car washing kit and sponges? Why would I want this for a birthday, a job to do myself. Let alone that I use a car wash like most people nowadays. Boo almost looks at me waiting to see my dace as I open up with the anticipation of “what could it be this time?”. 

Over the years we have tried asking for gift cards, creating a list for the kids like on Amazon etc.. We’ve tried dropping hints, getting the kids to drop hints. Bit it’s not worked, even boo and I close friends can often be a bit random. Luckily my friends now have got to the point of getting me steam vouchers and/or alcohol. 

But I do ponder, how do people make these decisions, as I said earlier Boo and I put thought into it. We look and what they like and get things appropriate, not the cheapest, not random, not last minute or that will do. So again I wonder do they put thought into them? How do they get to that decision? I’m really torn on whether they actually think it’s a good present or not. Does anyone else have family and friends that just get the most random stuff that most of the time you don’t need, like or want? 

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