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  • Legends of Akedo Powerstorm + Giveaway

    Legends of Akedo is a fictional action-adventure novel set in a mystical world of martial arts. It follows the journey of a young warrior named Toshi who must master the art of Akedo to save his village from a powerful enemy. There is a big selection of collectables and Toys including this Legends of Akedo Powerstorm.

  • Spider-Man | Why we love it + Giveaway

    Spider-man and why we love it? , Within the Universe of Marvel, there’s no doubt many of us have our own favourites when it comes to many of their characters and stories. In our household it’s arguably Spiderman, from when I was little all the way to now the kids being grown-up and enjoying it themselves, but why?

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  • Star Wars | What’s The Best Era? + Giveaway

    Star wars is one of the biggest franchises in the world and have been around for over 40 years, its lifespan covers films, Tv, Games, and even today is hugely popular on Disney Plus. But there’s one big question, at the time of writing there 3 distinct eras in Star Wars, but all these years later which is the best?

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  • How To Get Photo Ready For A Special Occasion + Giveaway

    Having your photograph taken can be no easy task for the most confident person. There’s just something about having that lens in your face that can make anyone feel the pressure. But, if you have even an inkling of confidence that you are photo-ready could that improve how you feel in front of the camera?

  • PAJ GPS Allround Finder 4G Tracker

    PAJ GPS Allround Finder 4G Tracker + Giveaway

    The PAJ GPS Allround Finder 4G Tracker is a device that allows you to track a range of items and people using the App finder, this could include your vehicles, bags/luggage, and even people and kids. With the 4G Coverage, you could track the device all over the world and provide peace of mind and reduce the risk of worry.

  • My Friend Peppa Pig

    My Friend Peppa Pig | A Dad Review + Giveaway

    My Friend Peppa Pig is the latest in a long line of video games featuring the hugely popular franchise Peppa pig, the Game from Outright Games is part of their range of more kid-friendly games and is released on Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox One and PS4.

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