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  • Protecting Our Children Online: 4 Essential Approaches

    Protecting Our Children Online: 4 Essential Approaches

    Parents of a certain age can find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to protecting their children online. There’s a lot of stress that we can go through to ensure that our children are safe online, not just in terms of the content they are exposing themselves to, but also making sure they are protected from bullies or predators. So what are the best ways to do this?

  • Keeping Up To Date With The Latest Tech

    Many of us love the latest gadgets in our lives. We like the idea of having the latest phone release, the up-to-date computer and tablet technology and even embracing it when it comes to making our homes smart. However, with so many different tech advances, is it possible to keep up to date with all of the latest releases and tech trends? There are a few things you can do to stay ahead of the game. 

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  • The Importance Of Taking A Break From Technology During The Day

    The Importance Of Taking A Break From Technology During The Day, Did you know that the average person spends more than 10 hours a day looking at screens? That’s more time than people spend eating, sleeping, and working combined! It’s no wonder that so many people feel constantly drained and overwhelmed. The following blog will discuss the importance of taking a break from technology during the day.

  • Expensive Gadgets vs Cheaper Alternatives – Which Is Best?

    Expensive Gadgets vs Cheaper Alternatives, These days there’s so much tech that we’ve come to rely on, whether it be phones, consoles, tablets, or headphones – it’s a lot to keep up with. Unless you’re an enthusiast when it comes to any of these pieces of technology, there’s no real telling the difference between them; which can make it difficult to buy something that you actually need.

  • Your Guide To Choosing The Right Phone As A Dad

    Are you thinking about buying a new phone? This is an important thing to think about as a dad because when you’re a parent, your phone is basically a lifeline. We’ll discuss some of the reasons why this is the case in more detail. But your phone is how older kids will let you know they’re safe when they begin to push their independence.

  • Pens for creative play on Ipads

    Ipads and other Tablets have come along way over the years and have slowly become one of the major parts of our lives, whether it be played at home, Work, used in professional settings, helping technology move on, or just simply sitting watching a film, but over the years there’s a few accessory type objects like Pens that can help in some of that.