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  • DIY Deck Ideas On A Budget

    DIY Deck Ideas On A Budget, Planning a DIY deck construction project can be very straightforward. You plan on a single-level deck made from pressure-treated lumber and deck nails designed to withstand the elements. For a little bit and not much money more, and with a little extra advanced planning, you can take your new outdoor area deck to a different level and create something that will become a summertime backyard centrepiece for your family gatherings and summer parties on your lounge area.

  • Cheap Landscaping Edging Ideas

    Cheap Landscaping Edging Ideas, In landscaping, the purpose of edging with inexpensive materials is to create a definitive line between your flower beds and the rest of your lawn. Edging is an integral part of landscape design. While most edges are created by cutting clean lines into the sod at the edge of a garden to create a boundary, there are many ways to accent and reinforce these edges.

  • DIY Modern Dining Table

    DIY Modern Dining Table, Making your own modern dining table is a fun, simple project that can be completed in a weekend. With a few common household tools and supplies that are available at any home improvement store, you can create a simple new dining room table that you can be proud to show off.

  • DIY Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

    DIY Front Yard Landscaping Ideas, The front yard has special landscape requirements which are different from a rear yard. A front garden has to allow safe access to people like deliverers of mail, paper, goods or groceries, as well as people who have a statutory right of entry like meter readers.

  • What You Need When You’re Upgrading Your Home

    What You Need When You’re Upgrading Your Home, There aren’t really any rules when it comes to homeownership, and if you decide you don’t want to make any changes to your property, that’s entirely your choice. However, a lot of people do want to make changes, and after a while those changes actually become upgrades as you slowly but surely make your home better and better – and more comfortable for you. 

  • How To Make A House A Home With Your DIY Know How

    How To Make A House A Home With Your DIY Know How, When we first move into a new place, we get that sudden urge to change things. I think it must have something to do with wanting to stamp your personality on your home. Erase the older owners’ tastes and inject a new lease of life into the place. However, this can mean that the dollar signs start rising if you are not careful.

  • Be The Boss And Avoid These DIY Disasters With These Tips

    Be The Boss And Avoid These DIY Disasters With These Tips, Let’s be honest here, many of us love the idea of renovating our homes, adding our own personal touches and placing a stamp on the place. But are all of us fully capable of doing this ourselves? Are you handy with a paintbrush, an expert at glossing, perfect at creating upcycled furniture or have an eye for creativity when it comes to home decor?