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  • MyGeekBox | Comic-Con Edition – A Dad Review + Giveaway

    My Geek Box is Company that provides Mystery Boxes based on Pop culture themes, these can range from Harry Potter to Star Wars, to Marvel to Disney, and an assortment of TV series and Movies etc… These can be purchased as a one-off or part of subscriptions, and can also vary throughout the year, on their site you can also buy individual items like a normal shop etc.

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  • Geek Gear Best Ever Classic Mystery Box Review + Giveaway

    Geek Gear sells a variety of Pop Culture items via there website, however, they are also known for there mystery boxes, which can often be themed to a particular brand or subject, as well as often being at random, the contents are often a mystery, thus the fun and enjoyment of it, they are often worth way more than the cost of the box, these can be a one-off payment or a subscription at a cheaper price. This one was £9.99 and was a special run of “best ever” boxes, in which items from the past at random could be in here.

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  • HMV | Super Heroes Box

    HMV is one of the biggest brands in the UK when it comes to pop culture, Music, Films, TV, games etc… With their History in Pop Culture, they have also begun Mystery boxes, in selected themes and prices. This one is based on Super Heroes and retails at £24.99 with the idea of having items of much greater value of £24.99

  • The Amazing Mystery Box | Gaming

    The Amazing Mystery box company is a website that sells pop-culture items both in the form of mystery boxes and some items separately, they also sell some in a shop and are very popular at Comic cons and similar events, their boxes are often priced at £24.99 or £49.99, but they do have deals and offers, however, they will often contain items at a much higher value, this one based around gaming.

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  • HMV | Fully Stocked £9.99 Mystery Box

    HMV is one of the UK largest Music, Film, Gaming, and Pop culture retailers that is still on the high street but also online-based. They sell arrange of merch and tech but now also do Mystery Boxes, this box is the Fully Stocked £9.99 Mystery box, but what is involved in this box?

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