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  • Geek Gear Best Ever Mystery box | Box 1

    Geek Gear sells a variety of Pop Culture items via there website, however, they are also known for there mystery boxes, which can often be themed to a particular brand or subject, as well as often being at random, the contents are often a mystery, thus the fun and enjoyment of it, they are often worth way more than the cost of the box, these can be a one-off payment or a subscription at a cheaper price. This one was £9.99 and was a special run of “best ever” boxes, in which items from the past at random could be in here.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / July 17, 2020
  • Candy Mail American Candy Supreme box

    Candy Mail American Candy Supreme box is a mystery box filled with American style Candy, this one was provided by Gifted, who like many Companies and shops have been utilising online orders like this with there limited availability to open in towns and cities due to the lockdown. The products often include brands, flavour combinations, and sweets familiar to some but for many they might not be, this is a good chance to try things that you may not have tried.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / June 12, 2020
  • Loot Crate | Lord of the Rings | Worth Fighting For

    Loot Crates are mystery box that can be bought on their website or as part of a subscription and can be complete or mystery or can be themed, though its not always clear in advance what will be in them thus the mystery. This box is the second in a special trilogy of boxes, unfortunately, like before these have been delayed but thankfully we have now received both.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / May 15, 2020
  • ZBOX | Comic-Con edition

    ZBox’s are supplied from Zavvi and can be bought from there website and at events around the county like MCM Comic Con, these focus around pop culture and can be themed like anime, films, gaming etc or they can be completely random.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / April 17, 2020
  • MyGeekBox | Comic-Con Edition – A Dad Review + #Giveaway

    My Geek Box is Company that provides Mystery Boxes based on Pop culture themes, these can range from Harry Potter to Star Wars, to Marvel to Disney, and an assortment of TV series and Movies etc… These can be purchased as a one-off or part of subscriptions, and can also vary throughout the year, on their site you can also buy individual items like a normal shop etc.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / March 2, 2020
  • Comic-Con Branded Mystery Boxes

    MCM Comic Con is a major event around the world celebrating pop culture, they can vary from county to country based on its own popularity in brands and franchises. In the UK there are a few over the year taking part in cities including London, Birmingham etc… At these events, they also have there own official merchandise stalls, as well as having there own Mystery box like other companies that attend.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / February 13, 2020
  • Loot Crate | Lord of the Rings| The Journey Begins

    Loot Crates are a Mystery box/crate that you can purchase, these can be sent to you and are themed and full of pop culture memorabilia. This Crate is the first in the Trilogy of LOTR themed special Crates and focuses round the first film

    Dad's Man Cave
    / January 16, 2020
  • Loot Crate – Cosmic

    Loot Crates are a selection of items themed and sent to you either each month, or a once-off, or whenever. They vary in themes from regular ones for subscriptions or common brands like Harry Potter or Marvel, to special limited boxes like LOTR or Star Wars. These can take a while to deliver so please bear this in mind, every order I’ve ever placed has been delayed by weeks and months.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / December 12, 2019
  • Loot crate – Star wars Endor Rebel Crate

    Loot Crates are a collection of collectable and unique items that are at a reduced price, compared to buying them separately. They are also often blind, so you are unsure what is in the box but they are often themed. This one is themed to Star Wars but focuses on the Endor and Rebels, which is set in Star Wars Return of the Jedi, in which the Rebels are helping to disable and Destroy the Deflector Shield Generator, allowing the attack on the Death Star.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / October 17, 2019
  • Loot Crate – February 2019 Transformation

    Loot crates are one of the leading companies behind the direct to house boxes than can contain an assortment of items, towards a particular genre or film, TV etc… This one was from February 2019 and based around Transformation!

    Dad Life
    / September 18, 2019