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  • Lego 10308 | Holiday Main Street

    Lego 10308 Holiday Main Streat is part of Lego’s Winter Village collection and focuses back in the winter village itself, it contains 1514 pieces and features 2 buildings, scenery, a Tram and 6 Minifigures. It’s RRP is £89.99.

  • Gift Republic Awesome 80's Board Game

    Child of the 80s | Awesome 80’s Board Game

    Being a child of the 80s I was able to experience a lot of things, each decade provides those children great memories. While pop culture and changes happening in the decade, every child grows up with something different in their lives, with memories, events, occasions, and loves, but this one is all about the 1980s, the best decade?

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  • NERF BUNKR Competition Pack

    Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack

    It’s Nerf or Nothin’ something we have all heard before as Nerf is one of the biggest Toy brands out there and with all-out action and Gun warfare its the leader in this style of Toy fun. But it’s not just about the Guns! Nerf has lots of extra Accessories including this Nerf Competition Pack which takes your Nerf BUNKR battles to the next level as you create your own Battle Zone.

  • Family Games Night

    Over the years the kids have been brought up on Family Games Night and having a variety of board games, puzzles, family games in the house, often they are learning-based ones, working up to more fun and mess around ones, these have often been bought at Xmas and birthday, or when we have looked for bargains, there also something that the kids tend to look at shops to swat up what they want.

  • Hatchimals | How to Train Your Dragon

    From Dreamworks highly successful How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, comes an Exclusive line of toys featuring characters directly from the world of Dragons. Relieve all the magic of Dreamworks Dragons with these exciting Hatchimals. How to train your dragon’s franchise began in film in 2010, and loosely based on the book, since then it spawned 2 more films, including this one, and TV series, with voice actors such as Jay Barychel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Tj Miller, Kristan Wig and many others through the years.

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  • Lego 75243 slave 1 – 20th Anniversary

    Lego 75243 Slave 1 – 20th Anniversary set is the largest of the sets to celebrate 20 years of Lego and Star Wars. It has 1007 pieces compared to its previous version, which only has 165! Pieces. It also has 5 minifigures inclusive of special 20-year prince’s Leia.