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  • Living with a Fussy Eater Family

    As a family of five, we are all very different, this is anything new for many families but for us food out or at home can be very challenging. For me, I have to ultimately change what I want to ensure everyone else is ok as we all have issues.

    / July 14, 2019
  • Film Night’s

    In our house, we enjoy a good film, through the years we have watched all sorts in the back Round during the day or on an evening. A while ago we decided to make a family film night, Piglet is too young for these evenings. But don’t worry most days she has a film on anyway, frozen, Harry Potter, Moana almost any animated film you can think of she would watch.

    / May 26, 2019
  • Netflix for a Family of 5

    As a family, we have several devices in the house that a stream, whether it be our tablets, Ipads, or TVs. We utilize these to play multiple streaming services including Netflix. Every day one of us will have it on at some point.

    / May 12, 2019
  • Me and The Family

    What The Dad Said, it’s me talking about family life, my opinion on what we are doing and sharing my interests and thoughts in them. Below are some brief points but I no doubt will expand on them one day.

    / March 22, 2019
  • Roo Loves Pancakes From Daddy Pig

    Pancake day! If it was down to Roo, pancake day would be almost every day. Since she was a little girl sat on the kitchen counter watching me make pancakes and eating them with Nutella, she has loved them. Growing up with Peppa Pig she would often refer to Daddy Pig as a little girl.

    / March 10, 2019