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  • Wrestling | Why I love it

    Wrestling, as the years have gone on some interests and likes have continued throughout my life, one of them being in Wrestling (sports entertainment) as its something that may have gone up and down in my fandom but it’s always been there, but why?

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  • Are You A First-Time Dad? How To Prepare

    Are you a first-time dad? if so Congratulations. You and your partner have got a positive pregnancy test and you are good to go with your parenthood journey. Right now you are probably extremely excited, but once that dies down reality sets in and you start to become concerned about what is to come. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways that you can prepare to become a first-time dad. 

  • Are These Things Causing You Stress In Your Life?

    When it comes to your life and stress, there can often be hurdles in the way that can cause you issues. Sometimes these things will cause unnecessary stress and have you feeling like there is no right or won’t answer. But it doesn’t mean you have to continue to feel helpless when often there are practical solutions that can ease the pain. Here are some of the common things that can cause you unnecessary stress and how you can handle them.       

  • What Career / Job would I have done?

    What Career / Job would I have done? , As I’ve got older and hit my 40’s as like most people I look back on our lives about what we have done, and what we would have liked to have done, and one of those areas is Work, So what would I have like to have done if I could redo it all.

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  • A night person, morning demand

    As someone from an early age I’ve always been a night person, as a teenager like most I migrated my sleeping patten to later nights and sleeping in, but as I’ve got older and responsibilities etc changed, the demand for those hours of sleep and pattern etc decreased but my mind and body hasn’t. Years later with early starts for kids and work it’s always a challenge getting up in the morning and trying to sleep.

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