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  • Animal Crossing New Horizons | Nintendo Switch

    Animal Crossing is the latest in the long-running series which originated on Gamecube and became a cult following in gaming at the time, but since then grew even more popular via Wii and DS versions, the latest instalment is arguably the most popular version ever and has become one of the biggest hits on the Nintendo Switch already since its launch.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / July 31, 2020
  • My Top 5 Western Films

    Western films use to be THE films in the industry, and for many Americans of the older generation they still hold this so dear to there heart, but being British we don’t perhaps hold them as highly regarded but there are still many of them are just good quality films, and still, the names of many are known, maybe not with the younger generation but these films should still be remembered

    Dad's Man Cave
    / July 29, 2020
  • Lego 75948 | Hogwarts clock Tower

    Lego 75948, Hogwarts Clock tower is from the second save in the second coming of Harry Potter sets, it focuses around on one of the larger buildings at Hogwarts, The clock Tower. This though is set at the Yule Ball in the Goblet of fire film, which takes place at Christmas. The set contains 8 mini-figures and 922 pieces, and some Christmassy items.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / July 24, 2020
  • My Top 5 Comedy Films | 90’s and Earlier Edition

    Comedy films can be so important to our own lives and moods, they can lift your spirits and raise your mood, you could be upset and this could turn your day around, and with comedy films, in particular, they have changed over many years. Many other genres changed because of the technology advances, however, comedy films have changed based on peoples taste and cultural changes.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / July 22, 2020
  • Geek Gear Best Ever Mystery box | Box 1

    Geek Gear sells a variety of Pop Culture items via there website, however, they are also known for there mystery boxes, which can often be themed to a particular brand or subject, as well as often being at random, the contents are often a mystery, thus the fun and enjoyment of it, they are often worth way more than the cost of the box, these can be a one-off payment or a subscription at a cheaper price. This one was £9.99 and was a special run of “best ever” boxes, in which items from the past at random could be in here.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / July 17, 2020
  • My Top 5 Musicals

    Musicals have bee around for many years and for many people some of there favourites in history if I’m honest I’ve been around them all my life being in a female dominant environment, and I don’t actually mind them, I like music and there often still got a story with those catchy songs, they like comedies can often raise spirits and change your mood, even in a cinema this can be dazzling in the performances, with many crossing over the stage musicals or vice versa.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / July 15, 2020
  • Lego 76126 | Avengers Ultimate Quinjet

    Lego 76126, Avengers Ultimate Quinjet is one of the set based around Avengers Endgame Movie released in 2019, it has 838 pieces and 6 mini-figures including Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow, Rocket, and some Chitauri, its RRP is £74.99 so makes it one of the high price sets of the whole range.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / July 10, 2020
  • My Top 5 War Films

    War films are often full of action but also can be emotional both in the story and the remembrance of some of the hardest times in our lives, these films can be done extremely well and when they are, are some of the best films for many. They can be epic, in scale and size, but they can be so filled with story, these films are broad in nature.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / July 8, 2020