Don’t Let Those Appliances Let You Down: What You Need To Remember

    Don’t Let Those Appliances Let You Down: What You Need To Remember, As technology advances so do the way we run our homes. Gone are the days that we would hand wash clothes and scrub them to get clean. Or wash our pots in a tub of hot water placed over a roaring fire to get them clean. Of course, I’m going way back here, but we have come a long way since then. Dishwashers will clean out pots and pans for us.

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  • The Amazing Mystery Box | Gaming

    The Amazing Mystery box company is a website that sells pop-culture items both in the form of mystery boxes and some items separately, they also sell some in a shop and are very popular at Comic cons and similar events, their boxes are often priced at £24.99 or £49.99, but they do have deals and offers, however, they will often contain items at a much higher value, this one based around gaming.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / 27 June 2022
  • My Favourite Console of the Generation | PS2 vs Xbox vs Gamecube vs Dreamcast | Part 1

    Part 1 of the console generation battle featuring these 4, Being a gamer for most of my life and being in the industry for over half my life I’ve been close to many gaming platforms, I’ve seen it almost all for the last 30 plus years, and over those years I have opinions and thoughts across the platforms, they can often be regarded and Consoles Wars and put into generations.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / 24 June 2022
  • Free Fun In The Summer Holidays

    Ideas of free and cheap things to do with the children during summer vacation. Have fun in the sun, or organize some indoor activities on rainy days.

    / 22 June 2022
  • Bubbles | A kid’s favourite + Giveaway

    Most kids grew up and get to enjoy bubbles at some point, and for young children, they are often one of the best things to see. For Piglet she is one of those children that has always been fond of Bubbles and will get excited when she sees them.

    / 20 June 2022
  • 3 Essential Car Accessories Everyone Must Have

    3 Essential Car Accessories Everyone Must Have, With how often you’ll use your car, it’s vital that you make sure it’s as functional as possible. That goes beyond taking care of the mechanical side of things. You’ll also need to worry about comfort and practicality. You’ll want to make sure you enjoy using your vehicle, which is where some of the most essential car accessories come into play.

    / 17 June 2022
  • Four Great Reasons To Go On A Family Holiday

    Four Great Reasons To Go On A Family Holiday, Although times are confusing and uncertain right now when it comes to travelling, we all know that family vacations make wonderful memories and are a great concept, but what are the benefits?

    / 13 June 2022
  • The Warrener | Dad Review

    The Warrener is located in Thetford Norfolk near popular outdoor resorts and activities and just off the A11, it’s part of the Whitbread group and has a Premier Inn next to it. It accepts the Tasty Rewards card along with plenty of other offers, the style of food is pub-like food similar to the Table Table, Brewers faire etc. We reviewed it during the busy lunch day and looked at the kid’s menu along with Boo and I sampling the food.

    / 13 June 2022