Water Babies

    We are a family of water babies! Ever since I was little swimming has been one of my favourite things to do. Once I got to a teenager and then adult my chances to swim got less and less, and almost non-existant after I was 21, But having kids allowed me to swim more.

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  • January, Whats your Priorities?

    For many January is a month of change, or refocusing, or starting resolutions and goals etc..and where all have them, for many they don’t last long or may evolve into something bigger and better. Thoughts on food, money, diets, Alchohol, cigarets etc can be on all our minds, some people plan holidays, plan moving houses, some are resided to January and February just being miserable months.

    Dad Life
    / January 19, 2020
  • My Weight Troubles

    Through the years, ever since leaving school, to be honest, I’ve struggled with my weight. After those school years, the next few on gained significant weight as adult life hit and comfort living with a girlfriend then wife became the norm.

    Dad Life
    / January 12, 2020
  • Lego 76107 – Thanos Ultimate Battle

    Lego 76107 – Thanos Ultimate battle is based on the film Avengers – Infinity War, and contains 674 pieces, 4 Minifgures and includes the space ship similar to the Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, however its not clear or confirmed what this ship is or where it came from. Alongside Thanos is a Gauntlet holder and the gauntlet itself, this set is one of the larger sets of the range.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / January 9, 2020
  • KidZania – A Dad Review

    Kidzania is located all over the world in nearly 30 cities, this one I would be reviewing is located in London. Kidzania is a Mini city, for kids and run by kids. It’s designed for ages between 4 – 14 years, though you can take kids less than this age

    / January 5, 2020
  • 2019 – A Year in Review

    I thought I would do a year in review, so in years to come, I can look back and wonder what has happened? what’s been on mine? how have I approached it? etc.. 2019 is a year of change and several obstacles and been one of my weaker years. Though looking back as a family its been a fun a year with many adventures and activities, with several firsts.

    Dad Life
    / December 29, 2019
  • Our Top 5 Xmas Films

    We are big film fans, most weeks we enjoy a family Film night, and Xmas time is no different. We change our weekly film to Xmas films normally in November, however, to be honest even during the day when we often have films in the back round, especially with Piglet. So for us what are our favourite Christmas films?

    / December 22, 2019