• Lego 76389 | Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets

    Lego 76389, Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets is a set based on the book and film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it has 1176 pieces and features 11 Minifigures. The set focuses on the parts of the film including the Basilisk, several rooms, and of course the chamber, it’s RRP is £129.99

  • MyGeekBox | Comic-Con Edition – A Dad Review + Giveaway

    My Geek Box is Company that provides Mystery Boxes based on Pop culture themes, these can range from Harry Potter to Star Wars, to Marvel to Disney, and an assortment of TV series and Movies etc… These can be purchased as a one-off or part of subscriptions, and can also vary throughout the year, on their site you can also buy individual items like a normal shop etc.

    Dad's Man Cave
  • Seven Ways To Improve Your Lifestyle And It’s Easier Than You Think

    Seven Ways To Improve Your Lifestyle And It’s Easier Than You Think, There is so much talk about self-improvement these days that everyone is often looking for the next quick fix to help them feel better, look a certain way or improve an aspect of their lives. Often there is no such thing as a quick fix, or if it is, it probably is short-lived and unsustainable.

  • 5 Air fryer Brands for your home

    5 Air Fryer Brands for your home, with the rise of Air Fryers at home there are several different brands and within that model that have been released, even going forward there are newer versions and slight tweaks on the way Air Fryers work and what you can do.

  • Getting prepared with clothes for school return

    Getting prepared with clothes for school return after extended breaks over the summer or half terms can be a tricky thing to get ahead, especially if you have multiple kids or children with different needs and struggles relating to clothes etc. So what can we focus on? What’s on our list to get prepared? and what useful clothes are out there?