• Lego 76401 | Hogwarts Courtyard Sirius’s Rescue

    Lego 76401. Hogwarts Courtyard Sirius’s Rescue is a set based on the Prisoner of Azkaban, it features 3 Minifigures, Buckbeak, and part of the courtyard, it has 345 pieces and has an RRP of £44.99.

    / 20 March 2023
  • 5 Causes Of Stress And Anxiety In A Man’s Life

    5 Causes Of Stress And Anxiety In A Man’s Life, Life isn’t always plain sailing, am I right? It is often a case that we feel stressed and anxious at different stages in our lives and for different reasons. After all, some of us have better-coping mechanisms than others. Both men and women worry about different things that can cause stress and anxiety. But the difference between men and women is that women talk more than men.

    / 15 March 2023
  • Diary From A Dad | February 2023

    As each month goes by my Diary from a Dad look at what’s happening with our little family, through all the adventures, challenges and obstacles that come to our lives. As a family of 5, with 3 children of different ages every day, week and month can offer something different. The month of Love returns, with Valentine’s day, Pancake day, but also a heartbreaking event for us that’s sees an up and down month.

    / 13 March 2023
  • Things to Consider If You’re New to Working Out

    Things to Consider If You’re New to Working Out, With any new venture, there will be learning curves and considerations to take into account. There is no difference when it comes to working out, so if you are new to fitness, here are some things to consider. 

    / 9 March 2023
  • How To Make Driving More Affordable

    How To Make Driving More Affordable

    In this post, however, we’ll give more generalised advice on ways you can make driving more affordable that should hopefully apply to as many people as possible. With that in mind, please consider some of the following advice:

    / 8 March 2023
  • Keeping The Family Secure In Your Home

    Keeping The Family Secure In Your Home, Let’s be honest, terrible things can happen when we least expect them to and it can be quite devastating to you and the whole family. Opportunists are always looking for the next chance they have to rob homes, and as burglary can be one of the biggest and most common crimes, it can certainly tip your whole world upside down should it happen to you. However, you can do things to better protect your home from these thieves. With that in mind, here are what some of them are.     

    / 8 March 2023
  • Top 5 Animated Series | Adult

    Top 5 Animated Series? well, this one we look at the more adult version of those series, but what is my Top 5? With the rise of them over the last 30 years, becoming more cruder and more out there, what has is good? well, there’s now a lot to choose from and certainly different opinions.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / 6 March 2023
  • Tips to Help You Pack for the Big House Move

    Tips to Help You Pack for the Big House Move, Buying a house is always a daunting prospect, whether it’s your first purchase or not. You have to juggle so many things to make sure that the deal goes smoothly, including paperwork and other admin, as well as saving and paying for the property. 

    / 4 March 2023