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  • Disney Plus | What’s happening in September 2021

    We roll into September as we see what’s happening on the streaming service Disney plus in the UK, well there’s usual additions and some things taking a break from the service, for Tigger and I Star Wars Visions looks very interesting and a different take on the Star Wars franchise, along with Shang chi filling out Marvel fix, however, there are some different alternative shows on this month, Feyenoord, 911 Memorial and others showing a much older content for the family to watch. But there’s a whole host this month with the likes of Deadpool, Orville, A-Team, that thing you do all joining, let alone the final season of the Walking Dead taking center stage. For the kids there’s several shows, muppets babies, Spidey and his friends, Chip and dale alongside the normal massive amount of Animated back catalog, for me this month feels like a huge variety of content compared to other months.

    / August 27, 2021
  • Disney Plus | What’s Happening in August 2021

    It’s August, a new month so what’s happening on Disney plus this month? after my enjoyment of Loki perhaps I’m not as excited as last month lol, but for me and Tigger “What if” is an intriguing-looking series. There’s a few films hitting the streaming service which look good and if your a fan of Walking Dead Season 11 returns via Star, and Cruella hits all Subscribers.

    / August 6, 2021
  • Disney Plus |What’s Happening in July 2021

    As Disney plus continues to grow whats happening on the streaming service in July 2021? well alongside the normal additions and rotations of streaming across animated, Star and the rest there are some standouts, Loki ofcorse continues as its hype is in full run, Walking Dead jumps in the platform as more former Fox shows appears, but two big films have their premier access alongside cinemas, Jungle Cruise and Black Widow launches if you are one for the additional premier cost, however if you look below there is a varied mix of content this month from Golden Girls, American Dad, to Monsters at work which we are eagily looking forward to.

    / July 2, 2021
  • Disney Plus | What’s happening in June

    With so much coming out at the moment across the streaming platforms it’s difficult to keep up, but with Disney Plus growing on there platform what’s due to come out in the month of June? well for me Loki was the big hitter though for the whole family there was an assortment across Disney + and Star.

    / June 4, 2021
  • Disney Plus | May

    With so much coming out at the moment across the streaming platforms its difficult to keep up, but with Disney Plus growing on there platform whats due to come out next month? Well May is Star Wars month! along with some other gems.

    / May 14, 2021
  • Pens for creative play on Ipads

    Ipads and other Tablets have come along way over the years and have slowly become one of the major parts of our lives, whether it be played at home, Work, used in professional settings, helping technology move on, or just simply sitting watching a film, but over the years there’s a few accessory type objects that can help in some of that.

    / April 26, 2021
  • Garage Storage | What do I use?

    For many years I never had a garage, and once we moved into a current home we had that opportunity to utilise it, but like most people in England we don’t use our garage to store the car, we use it to store a variety of things, but as time has gone on it had some changes and even still it’s perhaps not finished, but what do we do with it? what could we use in it?

    / April 12, 2021
  • Disney Plus | Star Update

    Disney Plus is a streaming service that provides all you can eat and over the top content from all things Disney, this cover Films, TV’s, Documentaries from years and years of back catalogue. With its release in 2020 I produced a blog about all the features and my initial thoughts with the mindset to review it, however, a year on Disney Launched Star! content within Disney Plus that’s focused towards more adult viewing.

    / March 22, 2021