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  • Disney Plus | What’s happening in December 2021

    It’s beginning to look like Christmas! and it is on Disney plus! December is becoming a big deal in the streaming world and this is definitely no different. This month we see Hawkeye Series continue, Family guy, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, among new films like Rons Gone wrong, Last Duel, and Encanto. A host of good returns like Diehard, Day after tomorrow, and Juno among many others, for me The Book of Boa Fett will be the biggest thing as I’m a big Star Wars fan and Boba has always been one of my favourite characters in the whole of Star Wars. However there is something foe everyone including Christmas fans but even if your not theres plenty of others like Jojo Rabbit, King Arthour and Life of Pi, for me i will be diving into Xmas films.

    / December 2, 2021
  • Lego Theme | Lego Winter Village and Christmas + #Giveaway

    There are many Lego themes within Lego sets over the years, some come and go and some stay around forever. There’s branded ones, Film and TV versions, and even Lego’s own ranges that they have created, Plants, animals, Holiday themes, and all sorts. However one of my favorites is the Creator Expert Winter Village seasonal theme, essentially Christmas and the Lego Winter Village, and within that theme the modular buildings for the Winter Village or North pole.

    Lifestyle, Toys
    / November 30, 2021
  • Disney Plus | What’s happening in November 2021

    November is a big month for Disney plus! they launch their Disney plus day which I assume will be the first of their annual celebrations? but this year sees two huge films in Jungle Cruise and Shang-chi let alone Home sweet Home Alone, Jeff Goldblum, and Olaf presents among others. But the month is also filled with plenty more from the much anticipated Hawkeye series, the new Series of Family guy, and the normal rotation of great films including one of my favourites Faceoff. For the kids, though there’s still lots to watch including Vamparina, Miraculous, Simpsons, Mickey Mouse funhouse, and there’s even a drop of some Christmas content coming!!

    / October 29, 2021
  • Lego | A Money Pit or Harmless collection?

    I’m a big fan of Lego, after having some when I was young and enjoying some fun memories, years later I was able to re-love Lego again but now as a parent and collector. However as times have changed, the price and range have drastically changed for Lego, so if you start buying Lego is it a money pit you can lose yourself in?

    / October 8, 2021
  • Disney Plus | What’s happening in October 2021

    Its October! Halloween time among the time of the year that histoically is a big time of the year for TV series, this was no different and across the month Disney has a lot to offer again. For us though you cant look past Halloween, theres several shows and films inclduing muppets, Rocky Horror,Scary Movie 4, just beyond, and mong many others. However there are other good non Halloween programs still around, Reservation Dogs, Walking Dead,Logan, Titanic case closed, Black Widow are about, which for the Marvel fans is the next big thing out, you will also see much more promoting of November this month as November celebrates Disney Plus day! more about that next month…. but for this month enjoy a Spooky month.

    / October 1, 2021
  • Ikea | Big part of our home

    Ikea is one of the biggest furniture brands in the world and to be honest, in the Uk is one of the biggest brands, the Swedish company has a big following not just for the quality of products, but their showrooms and food, for people who live near the shops they can be a morning/afternoon out with a thorough look, food, and just general shopping look around.

    / September 27, 2021
  • Disney Plus | What’s happening in September 2021

    We roll into September as we see what’s happening on the streaming service Disney plus in the UK, well there’s usual additions and some things taking a break from the service, for Tigger and I Star Wars Visions looks very interesting and a different take on the Star Wars franchise, along with Shang chi filling out Marvel fix, however, there are some different alternative shows on this month, Feyenoord, 911 Memorial and others showing a much older content for the family to watch. But there’s a whole host this month with the likes of Deadpool, Orville, A-Team, that thing you do all joining, let alone the final season of the Walking Dead taking center stage. For the kids there’s several shows, muppets babies, Spidey and his friends, Chip and dale alongside the normal massive amount of Animated back catalog, for me this month feels like a huge variety of content compared to other months.

    / August 27, 2021
  • Disney Plus | What’s Happening in August 2021

    It’s August, a new month so what’s happening on Disney plus this month? after my enjoyment of Loki perhaps I’m not as excited as last month lol, but for me and Tigger “What if” is an intriguing-looking series. There’s a few films hitting the streaming service which look good and if your a fan of Walking Dead Season 11 returns via Star, and Cruella hits all Subscribers.

    / August 6, 2021
  • Disney Plus |What’s Happening in July 2021

    As Disney plus continues to grow whats happening on the streaming service in July 2021? well alongside the normal additions and rotations of streaming across animated, Star and the rest there are some standouts, Loki ofcorse continues as its hype is in full run, Walking Dead jumps in the platform as more former Fox shows appears, but two big films have their premier access alongside cinemas, Jungle Cruise and Black Widow launches if you are one for the additional premier cost, however if you look below there is a varied mix of content this month from Golden Girls, American Dad, to Monsters at work which we are eagily looking forward to.

    / July 2, 2021