‘Me time’ – it’s not just for mum’s

You’re no doubt familiar with the phrase ‘me time.’  It has become a term that is bandied around to describe time to oneself, often directed towards busy mums who dedicate their days to raising the kids.  And we all know what a full-time job that can be, so who are we to deny them of a break and a bit of time for some much-needed rest and relaxation?

me time

But hold on a minute….. What about the dads? Don’t they deserve some ‘me time’ too?  Whether they are at home taking on responsibility for childcare, or out at work for most of the day, surely they have earned the right to take some time to themselves.  

Whether it’s to do something or literally do nothing, everyone needs that downtime to de-stress.  Whilst women have fought hard to redress the balance and allow themselves a break, it can promote feelings of guilt in some men, if they take time out.  If their partner is at home all day with the children, the man might feel it his duty to relieve them of their responsibilities as soon as he walks through the door. 

Then there’s the guilt about not giving their partner the time and attention they feel they are entitled to.  Of course, this works both ways, whether you’re the mum or the dad, it can be hard to balance work and home life in a way that keeps everyone happy.

So, what’s a dad to do? Well here are a few ways to schedule some time for yourself, and hopefully you will feel all the better for it.


Easier said than done right? In order to allow yourself to relax effectively, there is a little bit of planning involved. Firstly you need to make it part of your routine.  Whether it’s a daily or weekly thing, add it to your diary as if it were an important business meeting, and then there’s less chance of you putting it on the back burner. 

Making this time to yourself a priority might need a shift in mental attitude.  You may not be accustomed to putting yourself first, but you’ll definitely be a better father and partner if you can put self-care nearer to the top of your ‘to do’ list.  Make sure your significant other is on board and understands the importance of this time. 

Find a quiet space to completely switch off, turn the phone off and take your relaxation seriously.  It might take a few attempts to make a success of this, but the more you practise self-care the more it will naturally become part of your lifestyle.

Take up a hobby

Maybe you already have an established hobby, perhaps there’s a hidden passion you’d love to take up.  If this sounds more like your idea of ‘me time’ then the choices are endless.  Improve your handicap in golf, become the next best baker or simply work your way through your favourite novels in peace. 

If you’ve always fancied learning a new language perhaps now is your time to carpe diem – although there might be a more practical language than Latin that you could start with! Or have you always had an idea of taking up painting or learning an instrument? 

There are so many possibilities when you make time for yourself a priority.  And taking up something that requires some degree of commitment will ensure you stick to your ‘me time’ schedule.

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Reconnect with friends

Chances are you won’t be the only one in your circle of friends who finds themselves in need of some downtime.  Make the most of this by organising regular get-togethers (online if you can’t manage to meet in person).  Share horror stories of fatherhood, you’re bound to have a few laughs along the way, and you’ll be helping someone else take a break at the same time. 

During the early years of being a parent, everyone needs to be reminded that they are not alone and that their experiences are usually eerily similar, however obscure they may seem at the time. Toddler with a toy stuck up their nose? Is your best suit covered in pureed carrots? I’m sure you’re not the only one.

Make the most of your appearance

It’s true that if you take care of your appearance then your inner confidence will start to shine through.  We’re not talking major make-overs here.  No one is suggesting you go from suburban dad in a pinstripe to a sneaker-wearing, backwards cap-donning youth!  But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make the most of what you have, and enjoy the results. 

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There’s no right or wrong when it comes to taking time to refresh and unwind.  For some, it’s being active, for others it’s a time for rest and reflection.  Man or woman, mum or dad, whatever your role you will do it all the more effective if you allow yourself some guilt-free, downtime.  Remember, communication is key. 

Keep your partner in parenting up to date with your plans, and give each other time away from the children, and time to be together. That way, when you’re in the depths of your third load of laundry and your kids are not behaving like the angelic little cherubs you ordered, you should have the energy, attitude and, let’s face it, sense of humour that you need to get you through another day.


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