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  • The Ultimate Entertainment Hub: Achieve It In Your Home

    However, how far do you take the entertainment approach? Entertaining is a high factor of people’s lives, perhaps just focusing on your personal entertainment and priorities. Or whether you are a social butterfly and love to entertain a crowd of friends and family on a regular basis. Your home can be an entertainment hub in all kinds of ways, and I thought it would be worth sharing with you some of the things you could consider. Perhaps it will inspire you to make some changes to your abode.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / 22 April 2022
  • My Top 5 Tom Hanks Films

    Tom Hanks has been in films for over 30+years and has a host of awards, his films for many have been favourites of there’s and he’s regarded as one of the best actors out there. However with all these films and a diverse range, which is my top 5?

    Dad's Man Cave
    / 15 April 2022
  • Spider-Man | Why we Love it

    Spider-man and why we love it? , Within the Universe of Marvel, there’s no doubt many of us have our own favourites when it comes to many of their characters and stories. In our household it’s arguably Spiderman, from when I was little all the way to now the kids being grown-up and enjoying it themselves, but why?

    Dad's Man Cave
    / 11 April 2022
  • Disney Plus | What’s happening in April 2022

    It’s time to look at what’s happening on Disney plus, and this month it’s April, full of Easter joy and nicer weather… but there’s plenty to see on the streaming service. Friday 22 April is Earth Day! To celebrate, Disney+ is releasing new movies and specials that will give viewers a revealing look at Earth’s splendours, ecosystems, and inhabitants that face insurmountable environmental changes and threats.

    Dad's Man Cave, Lifestyle
    / 1 April 2022
  • Hotel Transylvania | Scary-Tale Adventures

    Hotel Transylvania, Scary Tale Adventures is a 3D adventure game from Drakhar Studios and Outright games and is based on the hugely successful Sony Pictures film franchise Hotel Transylvania featuring characters from the films but with different classic Tales, The game is released on PS4, PS5, Xbox one, Steam and Nintendo Switch.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / 23 March 2022
  • What is this Gaming Genre? | MMO

    Within Gaming, there are genre’s much like films, TV, Books etc..and over the years they have grown as games themselves have grown got better, these include FPS, RTS, RPG, MMO, Tactical shooter, Sim, Turn base Sim, among others. In this post, we look at the MMO which spawned from the RPG among others and for many still very unclear what it is.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / 11 March 2022
  • Ryans Rescue Squad | Dad Review

    Ryans Rescue Squad is the new game from Stage clear studios and Outright games, set from the popular franchise of Ryan’s World! This game is released on multiple platforms including PS4, PS5, Xbox, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / 9 March 2022
  • How to Buy Your First Gaming Computer: Tips from the Pros

    Are you in the market for a new gaming computer? If so, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the choices out there. It can be tough to know where to start! That’s why we’ve put together this guide, based on tips from some of the pros in the industry. Read on for advice on everything from budgeting to choosing the right components. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to buy the perfect gaming computer for your needs and budget.

    Dad's Man Cave
    / 2 March 2022