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Cinemas have been around so long that for many people they have been one of the most loved sources of entertainment across generations, but with the rise of Streaming and the over the top content available at home and on our mobile devices, are Films and Movies still the ultimate way to watch at the cinema? well for us it’s still a great experience.

I talk about Movies

If you have read a variety of posts on my blog you will know I enjoy films, and going to Cinema to watch a movie is one of my favourite activities to do, I do enjoy watching films at home, I spent a lot of time reaching Tv’s and Sound equipment within a budget to get the best experience I could on a budget, I have a 65′ TV for that reason, and owning Sky, Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime and Paramount its to help our family enjoyed the entertainment. But with all of this is, it allows us to still go to the cinema on select occurrences.

Don’t get me wrong Cinemas are not at there heyday, and a lot of films don’t perhaps do aswell as they did before the rise of streams, but every so often a film is released that shatters that belief and shows that done right, may not be as frequent but don’t right… still is huge and seen, look at Avengers, Top Gun, Avatar, even kids films like Frozen and Super Mario.

All these films done huge money let alone that there’s still lots of buzz of other films that come to the cinema, during Lockdown you get see Cinema struggling and it has still been tough for them but these results will show and give confidence to movie makers and customers that’s it’s still the thing to do.

The Big experience

We try to budget once a month, some months there isn’t a lot out for us all, and some there’s 3 or 4 so it swings around, and let’s be honest it’s still expensive for a family to go, I try to use vouchers or Meerkats offers to help, and even though there’s films I would have seen we are still select, both for a cost and keep the excitement going. There’s the odd kids film that we will go and see for the kids but in reality, I try to keep those big Hollywood blockbusters including Marvel etc for the cinema trip, with the grandeur of the film etc its best seen at the Cinema.

Id like to think that the Kids have enjoyed the experience, each one of them since they have been young have attended it, and if I think about it they seem to get excited about going, there seems to never be a bad word about it and will almost never question what we seeing etc. It’s not like they’re getting extra treats like food or drink etc…if we do we might bring a drink with us, or sweets etc just because of the cost of the food there.

For Me

For me it’s still one of the best things to do, I almost get emotional when were there ready etc, for all of my adult life it’s the experience, the memories the quality, the atmosphere, the whole thing, in years to come ill probably get the limitless style pass to experience it every week as ill have more time and hopefully money lol, but even with this to come hopefully the kids and wife continues to want to go, its one of the continual family things we do.


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