My Top 5 Summer Feel Good Films

I love watching films, it’s one of my favourite things to do and I have done several Top 5’s, but for us all we have different top 5 ‘s for different occasions, feelings and times of years, but this list was summer movies, which for me has a different feeling than most, but everyone’s list could be different as it was feelings, this is mine..whats yours?

Summer Feel Good

There are some films that give you that feeling of the time of the year, Xmas feels, in particular, is such a major thing for many, and me the same it’s my favourite time, however, over the last few years, there’s a bunch of films that I tend to watch every summertime when the suns shining, warmer weather, days are lighter etc. they tend to be on, and I thought that its subconscious over the years as these are the ones I go towards, so what are my top 5 films of this time of the year? I couldn’t define an exact order and it was a little too tough but there are some much higher than others.

Me, Myself and Irene

Probably one of the more underrated comedies that’s out there still, and with Jim Carey on top of the world in the 90’s, this film from 2000 was perhaps the first in his run that wasn’t at the top, but I feel that’s harsh, and for me its. still, a great film to watch and rewatch personally if you have never seen this its the one film on this whole list you should watch.

American Pie

Now the original American pie films were my era, I was 17 turning 18 when the first came out so the trilogy was exactly what I and my mate’s mindset were, don’t get me wrong its crude, a bit outrageous, over the top but it really kind of summed up our life at the time, and that’s kind of stayed with me all these years later, I watch it fairly regularly, and even with the reunion film it’s just added onto my 4 film watch when I have an American pie session.

Old School

Comedy train continues and the only 2000’s saw a great run of comedy films from a group of different actors, in this one was Will Ferrel, Vince Vaughen, Luke Wilson. This is a terrific comedy film and is at times beyond silly but that isn’t an issue, it means more to me now years as I’m now their age than they were playing at the time, which is a unique feeling to have lol.

Wedding Crashes

This is another comedy and over the years it wasn’t something that I thought oh summer film, it was something that just naturally happened over the years, it helps like Old School that the actors were in that comedy group like Vince Vaughen, and maybe it’s set over the summer and maybe that’s in the back of my mind, who knows but I still enjoy it to this day and one of my favourite comedy films.

Mama Mia/2

Yeh this film, there’s a few that could make a list and if you have read my other film blogs etc i do have a soft spot for chick flick films, and this one was in that musical mix, both films to be honest were good and being a fan of Abba music it just goes in hand, being set exotic scenery, bright, everything happy etc then it does have that summer style and effect.


As you can tell for some reason it had grown into most comedies that I tend to enjoy around summertime, but I do and it has many of the films I watch every year or every other, and again they are always in the summertime, I may be now a creature of habit but it just has that special type of feeling, there’s n doubt other ones that could have made the list and I’m sure ill remember some, but it’s great to still have those feelings of upbeat fun.

Others that could make a the list

Road Trip/Euro trip,

40 year old virgin,

I love you man,


Grown ups,


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