Diary From A Dad | March 2024

Diary From a Dad, I look at what happened in our family life as each month goes by, with School, Work, outings, and general family life many challenges face us, but how do we get through the month and what happens? It was March, Easter was around the corner and a couple of things were planned for the month, including the long-awaited trip to see Peter Key.

So with the weather changing, we were finally able to start sorting the garden out, this was the first spring/summer in this house so it was a little different for us, we had trees, rose bushes, apple trees and different challenges with the layout. With the weather though constantly changing every day It felt like a battle.

Boo’s big treat

The big thing for us this month was the trip to London to see Peter Kay, this was booked nearly two years earlier, around the hype when his tickets first went on sale, I sat online for a few hours trying to get a ticket for Boo’s Birthday, Peter Kay is one of her favourites, and is one of her must-sees in life. I booked the O2, which he does a residency every month currently, this would also see just Boo and I head to London on our own, which is the first time for us two in many years.

Shopping first

We ventured out via Ikea first, as we’ve said a few times on our blogs, we love an Ikea trip and we don’t get many chances to go, so we quickly popped there to get a couple of things that we were unable to last time. We then went to Lakeside, it’s been a few years since we went inside Lakeside as normally we have the kids and just do the retail parks if we are going to squeeze anything in.

It was fine, more shops open than I thought but I was also surprised to see a lack of new entertainment spaces are per many other shopping centres recently. It wasn’t actually that busy, unlike Stratford where we had gone to park and use the Tube, this was rammed…

Peter Kay

The final stop was the O2, we’ve been here a few times and I’ve always enjoyed the fact it’s more than just the arena, a third of is a shopping centre, which was fairly busy, and the other two-thirds were restaurants, bars and entertainment, again this was busy, even without the Peter Kay event it’s now a well-travelled place. The show itself was great and I won’t talk too much about it for spoilers etc, but if you enjoy Peter Kay, this is for you.

A Show not just a circus

Boo works with a local attraction at Great Yarmouth at the Hippodrome Circus, we’ve done a few shows now and are always keen to help promote their shows, a new year saw a Pirate show. This was far more of a show that you could see at a theatre etc, half of the arena was made into a set along with the use of their indoor water area, as ever was a great show for the kids but seemed a little more of a production with the layout

Almost Easter

With Easter happening literally the end of the month ill cover that next time, as for the rest of this month? Some cinema trips include replays of Indiana Jones, Dune 2, and a couple of Piglet films. Some last-minute bargains for Easter with decorations and chocolate for the girls, We had some things planned for the busy Easter weekend!


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