Diary From A Dad | February 2024

Diary From a Dad, I look at what happened in our family life as each month goes by, with School, Work, outings, and general family life many challenges face us, but how do we get through the month and what happens? With February arriving the dullness of January is now in the background, half term was approaching and activities were planned.


With school carrying on its low-key start to the year, not a lot was really happening, Tigger was still doing his D&D club after school while Piglet was getting on with it like normal For Roo she had a trip at the end of the month as part of her business studies, this happened literally at the end of the month so we will cover her France and Disney trip then.

Activities are back

With some activities planned for around half term the rest of the month, though we still had some as well, Tigger and I returned to the cinema for our trips, to be honest, we go into a great habit of doing it but with the writes strike it certainly slowed down what films have come out.

We are still not fully out the other side yet, but finally, the odd film we are interested in are being released, but for Piglet she had a come of days planned with me and Boo separately. Boo and Roo though also enjoyed a day out to one of their book signings events etc. A family trip to a local wildlife area on a wet day was good but wet…

Valentines and Pancakes

Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day arrived! a tweak in the week saw Boo and I celebrate Valentine’s day early, we visited a restaurant we enjoy, ultimately valentines day isn’t a big deal for us as we have grown to celebrate our wedding anniversary far more, but we tend to do some small, and over the last few years, we’ve been doing food at home. On the flip Roo took charge for pancakes this year, she did a night for her and Piglet then a second night for them two and me.

Half Term trips

With Half term here, for me, this was only the second week I’ve had off since last June and after a busy Xmas period I was tired and feeling it, but a couple of key activities for Boo’s work helped out the fun, a gel Blaster activity similar to paintball, was a different thing for us, but all the family got involved and enjoyed the battles.

A trip to London saw us attend the Royal Albert Hall for Cirque Du Soleil, an unusual and unique show which for us all a special moment to see, I reiterated to the kids that it’s not often you will get a chance to visit the Albert Hall or to see this show, it was pretty spectacular.

Next Month on the Diary

With plenty of other normal family things happening, we head to March! spring is in the air and East happens right at the end of the month.


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