Diary From A Dad | November 2022

As each month goes by my Diary from a Dad look at what’s happening with our little family, through all the adventures, challenges and obstacles that come to our lives. As a family of 5, with 3 children at different ages every day, week and month can offer something different. It’s beginning to look a lot like….wait… it’s the kid’s birthday first! a month full of fun in one of our favourite times of the year.


Christmas may be around the corner and we did plenty this month as we start to celebrate but first it was the biggest month of the year for celebrations for us. All three kids’ birthdays are this month and with some planning, we were prepared to celebrate. We started with Roo then Tigger, then Piglet later in the month, whilst we do start to look at Christmas as it is hanging in the background, with all this it really is our favourite time of the year.


Birthdays though we’re here, With Halloween over we went straight to Roo’s who shared a night with the fireworks, this was though a big deal. She was 16 and in birthday terms it was a big one, with so much going on at the moment with the last run of high school, it was time to treat her a little. After some great presents for her, her birthday treat was to see Six in London with Boo.

As for the next Tigger was up, he was now 12 and being that beginning of a teenager, he’s a Tech boy so he was interested in anything Tech, so with some nice presents etc he was looking at the computer games side of it, with some digital money and the odd game he wanted. As for a little treat, with Boo spending time with Roo and Piglet (to come) I decided to go to the cinema with him, team boys together.

Later in the month, it was Piglet’s turn!, being the youngest it’s still probably the most special for her, and she is the type of girl to be pleased with anything and to do anything. So with some Presents in hand her treat was also a trip to London, something she hasn’t done much on her own, especially going on a Train! which for her was a big thing to enjoy. She attended Frozen with Boo at the theatre, and needless to say, they loved it.


Everything else was pretty normal however with Christmas almost here we managed to attend a couple of PR events in our Local area, I love Christmas and light displays but normally I don’t get to attend these type of things over the years as I’m often working but Boo and the kids normally do, however this year I was able to attend! one! Sandringham (yes that Royal Sandringham ) does an annual big lights event, this was fantastic and very different.


Another place we attended was Thursford, an actual well-known Christmas destination that has been going for over 45 years, and that’s also visited by people all over the country, let alone people in the Norfolk area. They have a huge show, and winter-style village, with an external lights display and a visit to Santa. We had the opportunity to visit twice, the first for the show and the lights at night, though for timing and travel we actually arrived very tight for time.

This was excellent and is worth a watch at some point it your life. As for the day trip we did, this was seeing the Winter style village and the internal displays, a visit to Santa and a small fair capped off the day. If you do this, be aware that the place gets visited when a show is approaching as coach loads of people will arrive.


With a great month over, we now head to that special month, that time of the year…my favourite …..Christmas.


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