Birthday Week chaos

November is a busy time for us, not only is the end of Halloween that we put a lot of effort into. Not only do we launch Xmas in our house! but it’s all three children’s birthday! but a birthday week With Tigger and Roo only being 3 days (4 years) apart, if provides complications. 

With Piglets birthdays later in November and 4 weeks before Xmas, along with boo and host of other family members birthdays in December, it’s such a busy time, let alone Xmas. So much so than in we reality, we plan months in advance, financially we have to for obvious reasons, it’s the most expensive 8 weeks of the year lol. 

However the first weeks is particularly busy, we come off Halloween and go straight into Roos birthday. This year was no different, but she was incredibly busy with school and her many sporting or dancing/musical activities. Halloween was a big thing and lots to tidy up, then Tigger and I went to brick live at the weekend, this was around me being at work and them being at school, after this then onto roos birthday. 

She was again at school but only did one of her activities this day, which meant she was still late but not as late as she could have been. We then ventured off to a pancakes and waffles place, a little odd I know but we have driven past it about a hundred times, and almost every time Roo always mentions she wants to go, so as a treat we did, it was a 50 minute drive so not exactly the easiest but hey ho.

And unfortunately not the Greatest experience, I wouldn’t choose it again, it wasn’t terrible but the whole experience from walking in the door till the end was a little poor, however, we didn’t make a big deal of it, as it was her birthday. 

The Unwell Twist…

Next Piglet was sick overnight and thus was off for the next couple of days, she was sick only once mainly but then got worse as the week went on with a cold/viral. She was very up and down as we tried to use Calpol to keep her temperature in check, and after two trips to doctors and out of hours she got some more medicine to fight her potential viral/ear infection. This was a worry going into the weekend based on her past. 

The week went on, but suddenly I then became really ill, the day before we were due to travel for our special weekend away. I had violent sickness and diarrhoea that wiped me completely out, which meant I couldn’t help with the prep of the weekend or anything else I had planned.

On the day of the journey, we weren’t our normally prepared selves, but we manage to get it sorted int he morning, only leaving about an hour later than normal. Which wasn’t the worst decision as it would allow traffic to settle after the morning rush. However, I was more concerned about a 5-hour journey after I had been on the toilet every hour for the last 24 hours…

I didn’t drive for the first half of it which was unusual, I managed to do the second half in an effort to take my kind of it. We managed to arrive at Butlins in Minehead in good time, we hit the swimming pool straight away. and they were looking forward to watching some WWE Wrestling I felt a little better, perhaps rehydrating with the pool lol, as the night went on a twist, Roo began to feel ill! Similar to how I was feeling but luckily no sick, just the other end. Needless to say, we didn’t get the best night’s sleep that weekend. 

End of the Day?…

Tigger wasn’t feeling too bad, but in reality, he was OK, after a wet, tiresome, hectic weekend at Butlins where we all didn’t feel out best, especially me, Piglet and Roo. Our week of chaos and hectic schedule was over, it may have been fun at times and stressful, and for me and boo fighting the universe to keep it special for them. On to the next few weeks that don’t really stop until January. 


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