Lego 10293 | Santa’s Visit

Lego 10293, Santa’s Visit is one of the seasonal, Winter Icons that has become an annual tradition in sets, this one focus on life back in the Winter Village with Santas Visit on that special night. The set had 4 Minifigures and contains 1445 pieces with an RRP of £89.99.

lego 10293

Lego 10293 | Santa’s Visit

This is one of my favourite ranges in Lego and is annually one of my Christmas presents that I look forward to making, often I have to wait the whole year…they are often either the Winter Village in which this one is or set at the North pole among Santas Buildings. Being an Icon set, and an old school creator set which focuses on that 18+ range, which also means it would be just me making this, personally it’s not really difficult but you are building apon building and sometimes intricate thus the age rating etc.


There are four minifigures in the set, with the family consisting of a Male, a female and a little girl, the Male which is probably the Dad who has a great old school, look to him with the Bill Murry-type hair and classic 80’s Moustache, a fantastic knitted sweater and red scarf, whilst holding a letter.

The Lady, which is probably the Mum, has a 90’s style look to her with a great Hairpiece, blue trousers, and an open purple top, She is also having a hot drink while also eating a biscuit.

Little Girl is a great figure in the fact that her all-in-one PJs, the Turquoise colour with Stars etc are fantastic, the face like the rest has two sides, one with eyes closed and one with open, whilst her hair is cute. There are some extras lying around for her to hold, like a trumpet and rocket.

The fourth and final figure is Santa!, his headpiece was excellent with the face under the beard looking great, an extra emphasised moustache sits there while mostly blocked by the beard its still good. The traditional Hat and Sac are here the red body is great, with the Black boots printed on the red looking excellent.

The House

Like a few buildings in Lego there’s often something to break up the main building, this is the same with a fence-sitting forward from the house with a letterbox and lantern hanging, as ever this is excellent and is done in the brown, white effect. with particular detail of making raised snow.

With this set from the house, a Christmas tree also appears, personally, I don’t think it was needed but I would never say no to a Christmas tree, especially as through the years the designs and builds of these historic trees have changed so much. This one is no different, whereas the main tree is quite traditional with the simple green pieces overlapping up, the middle is slightly different as it sits apon a light brick, hidden inside the decorative base. The idea is you push it down and it lights up, this is different to the normal Christmas tree builds, however, the jewel on top is a little weird and a star or something different would have been better.

The main house from the outside is fantastic, it’s an extremely different build than normal and with the angles and the look is a completely different choice to the norm. As I’ve detailed before I hate Half builds, and this to be fair is slightly different with a bit more space awarded to it. But from the outside the lovely Blue and white is great, especially the huge white roofs are an intricate and integral part of the build, and is far more visible from the inside.

The Two other big eye-catching bits from the front is use of the red and green claw and berries for which stand out and give that Christmas feel against the blue and white and is dotted on the door, roofs and windows. while the chimney on the side of the house is a much chunky part of the building, again different to the norm. A Tree sits next to this with a birdhouse, I don’t like the tree at all but I get they are going for a space winter feel to a tree.

Flipping it around the scale of the building is seen much better, like I said half builds a not great, however because of the angles of the building each side has been given more room and cleverly the central part extends out. The peak of the building though is probably the thing you see first as it goes high with a hidden present, something that is in the set to show adults hiding presents from kids to disguise the magic of Xmas. which is odd for a set labelled Santas visit, as he is here as well, I don’t quite understand the point.

As we look upstairs the inside of the roof is visible for most of it with two wooden style beams the most dominant part of this view, and I love it, showing a more aged building. But there is one room upstairs, with a Roof that can lift away using technic pieces as you can see much more of the room. The bedroom I believe is for the kid, a space-themed room which makes sense as there was a rocket as one of the presents. A small bed and desk is here with a balcony-style view looking back into the house, no stairs for this design,

As I mentioned earlier the downstairs is in three parts, the left side is the kitchen and has the traditional style tiles and cabinets which we have seen used the modular-style buildings, these always look good and this is no different.

In the centre of the house with that extended middle, is a fabulous dining table in the wooden but Christmas red style colours, and looks much better than most tables I’ve seen in Lego sets, this really adds to the special occasion of the time.

On the right side is the chimney, it is a much chunky version of the chimney but this is because Santa’s base goes down it! he enters the top and slides down knocking the fire down on his route, this makes more sense than usual, a light brick would be present in most cases. In front of the fireplace are having Christmas stockings, a rug, a table and a family picture hanging above.


There are a couple of silly things, hiding Christmas presents from the parents around the house so the child doesn’t see is really weird in aset designed for Santas visiting on Christmas Eve, I’m not loving the Tree outside and to be honest, I didn’t need the tree, I would have preferred it inside as a different design with maybe the kitchen not being there, as we’ve seen it before, and a random tree hanging outside has now been done a few times.

But these are small negatives, for me the set is great, its the best use of half build I’ve ever seen, the colours look great and the shape of the house is outstanding and really shows of its character with beams, and a huge long Roof. As ever the detail is excellent and because its not a licensed set you get a good value to piece count return, this is easily a well-recommended set.


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