Lego 75827 GhostBusters Firehouse

The lego 75827 is based on the 80’s Film GhostBusters, which became a cult classic along with one of the most recognizable images and songs. The set itself is the Firehouse, the building they lived in and based their business in. Its piece count 4634, so has that expert /collectors feel to it. 

lego 75827

So I was born in the 80s! So I’m very familiar with GhostBusters and as a kid had the toys, watched the films, got the weird toy things at Burger King. So with this set coming out, it was in my top 5 lego sets to buy. I’m also a fan of the expert creator sets and the city buildings have that same principle as this. But on a bigger and more intricate scale. 

Being such a large set Tigger and I both did this however I did do more than him as it was lots and at times a little complicated to see what changed. Also, I’m not breaking down each build bag as this would read for 30 minutes lol. The instructions are beaffy, around 420 pages with not much skimming, but I do like these beginning pages in these big style builds, they talk about the film and the characters etc..

The Build…

Pages 1 to 4 laid the foundations of what’s the come, the base plate with the pavement surrounded the first ground floor. The ground floor walls, along with iconic doors for the car to enter makes it look great. Inside the lockers with the names on set the tone, the back offices and Janine’s desk are made and you get a feel of the place. The Ghost storage container under the stairs that go up to next floor, along with the lockers and fold-out walls.

This allows you to view or play in the set. This theme continues up on each floor. Mini figures see the first GhostBusters in the form of Zeddemore (Winston), he has his proton pack. Janine and Tully make up the other two, Janine looks really good, very like her. Tully had to head version’s one with his hair and the other with the metal Equipment on his head (when they are doing tests in the film). 

Bag 5,6,7,8 sees 3 quarters of the next floor along with 3 more mini figures. On this floor, there bedroom and kitchen take centre stage, along with more walls etc… Bedroom end sees 3 beds and the front window. The kitchen end which takes up 2 thirds in comparison to the bedroom has a fireplace, fridge, food, kitchen storage etc. And a table and an arcade machine for entertainment. On the opening side of the floor, like the floor below, this was done separately.

In this section saw a bathroom and then an empty section which we weren’t doing yet. Both these two floors so far saw a set of supports being created, a nice touch based on the weight of the build and added extra strength. The bathroom had a lot crammed in for how much space there was available. But a toilet sink and shower were all present. Minifgures were Stantz (Ray) along with proton pack, The Libary ghost with two-sided face and different hair. This character is at the beginning film, but also we saw Slimer, arguably one of the most known characters. 

Bag 9,10,11,12 saw the next floor, similar to the one below was In three parts, the main floor had a snooker/pool table at one end. This is a great and unique build. The other end saw a science area for the experiments. This has lots of equipment looking items from the film, and a funny magazine like Time magazine, I like the scan on the screen of Tully but it’s actually one of the demon dogs he turns into.

The little room again located on the opening floor part was a camera room, with my science and Photo-related items. I also like the stickers on the wall lol. The 3 minifgures sees Dana, in full possessed mode, Spengler(Egon) with the proton Pack. Lastly Venkman (Peter) in a great design which saw him covered in slime. A nice extra and different to the other minifigures. 

Bag 13 and 14 sees the end along with the remaining ghosts and mini-figure. In bag 13 the sees the two remaining parts of the two floors, with fire escape ladders on the outside. But on the inside see the steps linking all 3 floors. The taxi drive ghost rounds off the minifigures, however in the final bag we see the two ghosts with clear plastic sticks, this can help you arrange the floating ghosts at the side of the building.

A set of traffic lights complete the pavement area, the fire pole can be slotted in and with the design, a minifigure can slide all the way down. The roof is a simple build but finishes off the building, the roof has a vent system design to show off the aircon unit etc. But other than this the roof is quite bare. 


I am biased as I love GhostBusters, however, the design of this was fantastic, it had everything that goes along with the Firehouse. It could have been bigger more detailed etc.. But the size and cost would be just silly, the fact that on the outside it fits in with the expert creator sets makes it a good addition to your city if you didn’t want to display this separately. The minifigures are good, I would have preferred maybe a little more different in what the main GhostBusters have and look, only Venkman looks different.

I’m glad Dana and Tully are there along with Slimer and Janine, but in reality, I would have swapped the rest for Goza and Staypuff. But I get that the marshmallow man would be very difficult to achieve, and understand it left out. Also, I’m surprised there’s no ectoplasm 1, the car is iconic, however again I understand that this adds more cost. It’s already a separate set, but what does bug me and I’m one of those that have both.

The car doesn’t fit through the door! Now I’m not going to push it in, as it will destroy the interior, but at least they look of it resting in the door would have been fine. But on the whole, the set is good, a must for lego fan, it’s expensive but it is over 4500 pieces and a once in lego lifetime type thing. So a collector would love it, and there are lots of GhostBusters related thing inside that appeals to the fans. (me). Tigger and I enjoyed the build, though big, and we appreciate the size and detail of it all. 

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