Legoland Windsor – What Age is it Suitable for?

Legoland is located in Windsor near London, it’s part of the Merlin group of attractions which also allows your annual pass to include a visit here as part of your package. The theme park is based around all things Lego, which includes some licences like star wars, and there own Ninjago, Friends etc… 

Like many theme parks around the country, what age does Legoland appeal to? Many attractions can cater to kids, or older children, Adults, or all-around family experiences. Some have themed areas or an overall point of view. But what about Legoland? Historically a children’s toy that now appeals to some adults? 

Whats inside Legoland

So to have an opinion let’s analyse what’s there, Legoland is split up into different sections, like most theme parks. Beginning, lego city, lego friends heart lake city, Duplo Valley, Lego Ninjago world, knights kingdom,  adventure land, land of the Vikings, pirate shores, the kingdom of the pharaohs, imagination centre. These hold a variety of attractions and rides, with the occasional food outlet, as you can tell by the names they are largely based on younger kids environment. 

However within these areas, there are some other bits to explore, there’s mini sealife, a star wars lego model exhibition, also miniland which is full of replication locations from around the world. A gaming hub which has lego games from ps4 or Xbox one, a real-life show in the centre of the heartlake city. 2 hotels which are themed, one generic lego and the other knights. In the imagination centre an educational area. In the entrance, a big cafe, a huge lego shop, and a lego branded clothes shop. 

Ultimately most go to theme parks for the rides, so this might be the most important part to establish what ages are best. Duplo area has very young riders, like the airport, train and fairytale Brook. But it does have an outdoor water area, which is surprisingly big and on a hot day probably very enjoyable. Pirate shores have the rides like pirate falls and jolly ranchers, certainly aimed at an older child. This stands true in the area of knights that has a couple of small roller coasters, though one is the parks biggest.

The Viking area has another water ride along with a spinney spider, again maybe not ideal for the really young but not as daunting as it might be. A confident child of 90cm would be fine. Personally, Mia riding school in Heartlake is probably the best rider there for excitement, where the driving school and boats in Lego City, offers independence for kids to be out on there own doing something different. 

The whole park has nice lego feel to it, many areas and pathways and signs have random lego scenery around. So you cannot look anywhere without forgetting where you are, for some this isn’t a big deal but I’ve been to parks where they don’t carry that consistency across, there would be little spots or areas and thas it, with big gaps between each part with just generic stuff or open scenery. Which for some is fine, but for me, no I’m a theme park and I want that whole theme experience.

Overall it’s a difficult question to answer, and no doubt some people will have a difference of opinion, which is fine. I’m a Lego fan and a certain age, so some of the big rides of other parks can be too much after a while, so a lot of these rides are manageable because I really enjoy Lego I am very happy to just look around at the displays. Flip to Boo, she is ok with Lego but in the grand schemes of things there are not lots of things to do there for her, shes just there to help with the kids etc.

Piglet and Tigger though being nearly 4 and 8 are bang on for the age in my Opinion, Piglet can go on a lot of the rides I mention, she’s just about 90cm now, which includes a lot of rides, as for Tigger though he can do everything in the park, as he is 130+cm, unlike other places where some f the big rides are 1.4 meters upwards. He enjoys Lego and enjoys most of the rides, I can see that he’s beginning to get a little bored of the really young Rides that Piglet goes on.

But he’s a good boy and does it anyway for the fun of it all. Roo is 12, she’s an outgoing girl and likes to get involved, and over the years generally will participate with the kids even if she’s not thrilled by what she’s doing. In reality, most of the rides and attractions are not really suitable for her now, some of the exhibitions and rides for her are good to see for the first time perhaps, but dependent on the child, of course, most of the rides didn’t challenge her like perhaps some other rides in other Theme Parks. 


I think this is the line, depending on the child ultimately, someone around this age may find many of the rides not challenging and might be limited on what they can do. If they’re are also big fans of Lego this may still be enough, and like us if there with younger children they may still have some more fun. She is a good girl and makes the best of it but I think older than this would certainly struggle to entertain the whole day. But the other two have more than enough to do to occupy the day.

Ultimately it’s your choice and how the kids are, if you took 4 x 16 years they would be bored if you took a 1-year-old you are still limited. anywhere between 3 and 12 will generally enjoy there time, and dependent on the child the age would reflect their capabilities, but Lego land is a good day out and for a family an ideal all-around family day out.

Expect changes as the park develops, this content was good for the visit at the date we attended.


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