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Loot crate is a website that sells pop culture items from a host of different brands, covering films, TV, comics, Toys etc. They also sell mystery boxes which can be themed or completely random, they can be bought as a one-off or as subscriptions, these can hold exclusive items or at the very least rare collector’s pieces. This one focuses on the World of Harry Potter with this Wizarding World Mystery Box, and its sub-theme is of the Harry Potter sport of Quidditch.

We are a Harry Potter house, we all enjoy the Harry Potter films especially the girls, so with this being a Wizarding world theme we thought we would try it, Loot Crate has been up and down in their performance and delivery, more down to be honest with delays, substitutes, and value for money can be iffy, we were hoping for better performance and with our love of HP surely this would be ok? we choose Gryffindore as the house to represent

“Whether you’re leading your team to chase after the Golden Snitch or cheering loudly from the stands, make a triumphant return to the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch. Gear up for the wizarding worlds favourite sport as you celebrate Quidditch through the ages.”

Golden Snitch Trinket box

“I open at the close, Snatch up this clever Snitch box, which features the fabled Resurrection stone inlaid in the lid” This much larger plastic snitch opens to hold a trinket, it’s a nice piece to look at in a way, though I wouldn’t say it looks that collector’s piece so it’s probably more beneficial as a toy etc.

Hogwarts House Quidditch Varsity Patch

“Show off your high-flying expertise with this felt and chenille iron-patch, evoking Muggle letterman’s jackets” Patches for some are highly collectable and actually get added to a variety of things not just jackets, or get kept for display, this is a Gryffindore design as again this is the box we choose, the red and yellow looks great and I do like the traditional badge design.

Hogwarts House Quidditch T-shirt

“Show off your house pride and quidditch team spirit in this Hogwarts house tee featuring Harry’s Number” This is arguably the best thing in the box with a great looking shit, its simple colour enhancing the house symbol and colour, and looks like they have gone through that supporter vibe with the design, the Gryffindore design suits my girls who would love it, the only small issue I have, if you had chosen the other House, you would have still got number 7 in the corner, which is meant to be Harry’s number, it would have been nice to change based on the house and the player.

Hogwarts House Quidditch Pennant Keychain

“Take your team spirit with you wherever you go with this Quidditch pennant keychain, complete with a snitch charm” These again come in all 4 different houses, we had the Gryffindore one and the main thing about this style keychain is the flag effect, is long-chain makes it more distinctive than a normal key ring, and adds to that flag effect, along with a little golden snitch, this is awesome.

Hogwarts House Quidditch Captain Enamel Pin

“We’re taking a brief time-out in our magical creatures to introduce our first house-specific pin!” So as they have said this is a house specific pin to go with the branding of the rest of the box, this badge though focuses on the Captain, and no doubt is something people will attach to there bags etc.


This Quidditch theme box is nice, a Harry Potter fan would appreciate this a lot, whereas I think there’s not much here for that generic person that likes HP little, but not overly familiar with the ins and out of Quidditch. However this themed box isn’t for that person and is an excellent box full with themed items, the odd thing has a little downside but that’s being picky, the Golden snitch was probably the worse thing as it felt a little plastic and cheap, not in keeping with the rest of the box, but everything else was solid.


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