Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | November 2020

In March I decided to do a Lockdown Diary, these were weekly but with the return to a bit more normality, kids back to school everything starting to open, I moved it to Monthly ones as we were still a while away from it being over, so now we were in November, a month historically that is extremely busy for us as all 3 kids birthdays are in, but this year saw the return of lockdown.


We returned back into Lockdown, but this time there were some differences, however, one thing that hadn’t changed is that I was still at work, much like before though people were still coming in and buying various non-essential items, Alcohol, lottery, chocolate whatever…but my overall opinion was nothing was different? it didn’t feel any different from July to October and now, people had got into the rhythm of wearing masks which was a big difference from earlier in the year, though obviously there was still some that didn’t…especially students.

But really with TV and sport still happening, the kids still at school, people still out and about I’m not sure this was really a lockdown and for many parts of the country, it’s just a reworded highest tier system from before. When you spoke to people their attitude was more of the same, others hough were also frustrated with how people aced, but its just that whole feel that it’s not really a lockdown.


With everything that’s happening in November, for us the main thing though was Birthdays, all 3 kids are November birthdays and this year was a little odd, with Roo I was working, which frustrated me, and she was a school so I essentially saw her for an hour, we did have a mini celebration the next evening with a takeaway but again it wasn’t the same.

With Tigger a few days later we were off, we again had some time together and had a takeaway, a few little games was the height of our adventure. Piglet was much like Roo, in the sense that I was working so I saw her for about an hour in the morning, for me it’s frustrating not only that we cant go out and do something special for the kids as we would normally, in the past we’ve planned events together as here birthdays are so close, but I understand, couple this though with spending very little time this year at their birthdays, it’s frustrating and a little upsetting, I felt very down for a couple of weeks.

Where next

On more positive news we were on the home run to Xmas, especially near the end of the month as we began to plan for Xmas etc, though there is a tinge of sadness as I’m not going all out like we normally do,  this year money is tight, very tight… and this year we are just getting through it, hopefully, the year will end well as we head into December.


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