Cheap And Easy Easter Crafts For Kids

Cheap and affordable crafts for your children are getting more important as finances become tighter. This Easter, try these cheap and easy Easter crafts to help keep both your children and your wallet happy. All three of these crafts can be made with everyday household items, very few items should have to be purchased. The crafts are also easy to make and fun for children of all ages.

Cheap and Easy Easter Craft for Kids #1 – Rainbow Flowers

These are a great craft for kids to make for decorating the house or for giving as an Easter gift to a friend or relative.

Items Needed

  • clean coffee filters
  • food coloring
  • waxed paper
  • paper towels
  • pipe cleaners


For each flower, you wish to make, fold a clean coffee filter into quarters. Dampen the filter with water but do not leave it dripping wet. Add drops of food colouring onto the filter in any pattern you wish. Use multiple colours or only one for each flower.

Press the coloured coffee filter between two pieces of waxed paper to spread the food colouring. Open out the filters and let them dry on paper towels.

Once the filter is completely dry, fold it back into quarters, forming a point at the bottom. Twist the pipe cleaner around the point to attach it and form a stem. Place the flowers in a vase or wrap with tissue to present as a gift.

Cheap and Easy Easter Craft for Kids #2 – Easter Egg Mobile

This is a fun and cheap craft for children to make to decorate the home or for their bedroom.

Items Needed

  • foam egg carton
  • coloured tissue paper scraps
  • string
  • clean wide-mouthed plastic food container
  • yarn


Cut the cups from the foam egg carton. To make each egg for the mobile, glue two of the cups together with the open ends facing each other.

Cut designs from the coloured tissue paper and glue them to the eggs. Cover as much of the eggs as you wish. Allow the glue to dry and attach a string to each egg for a hanger.

Cut a ring from the plastic container near the top to make a wide ring. Make sure this is not broken or cut and is a solid ring. Adults should do this step ahead of time to keep children safe.

Tie the strings for each egg evenly around the ring. Leave different lengths of string hanging so that the eggs are at different heights. Tie four pieces of yarn to the ring at equal intervals and gather them together at the top. Use the yarn to hang the mobile wherever you wish.

Cheap and Easy Easter Craft for Kids #3 – Stained Glass Cross

This craft is a great one to share with a Sunday School class or just your own children at home.

Items Needed

  • Poster Board, black is best
  • White tissue paper
  • old newspaper
  • plastic spray bottle
  • water
  • food coloring
  • string or thread


Draw and cut out a cross from a piece of poster board. A suggested size is about 8 inches tall. Using small scissors and a hole punch,cut out shapes from the cross, making sure to keep all of the edges intact. Think of the designs on a paper snowflake. Set this aside for now.

Place sheets of old newspaper down on your work surface and then lay a sheet of white tissue paper down. Make sure the tissue is larger than the cross you cut. Fill the spray bottle with water and spray a fine mist over the tissue paper. Make sure it is moistened but not soaking wet. Sprinkle drops of food colouring onto the tissue to make pretty patterns and allow it to dry. You want all of the tissue coloured, like tie-dye.

Once the tissue is completely dry, spread a thin layer of glue on one side of the cross. Lay the cross, glue side down, onto the tissue paper. Trim the edges. The coloured tissue now shows through the cutout designs on the cross. Punch a hole near the top of the cross and tie a string on to use as a hanger.

Hang the cross in a window so the light can shine through the stained glass designs


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