Pens for creative play on Ipads

Ipads and other Tablets have come along way over the years and have slowly become one of the major parts of our lives, whether it be played at home, Work, used in professional settings, helping technology move on, or just simply sitting watching a film, but over the years there’s a few accessory type objects like Pens that can help in some of that.

ipad pens

Roo sets the standard

Now with Roo using her Ipad more over the last couple of years and Piglet use the small Ipad mini to watch and do kids games, Tigger slowly moved over to his Ipad to match the girls. Recently we got Roo a Pen to use on her Ipad, and naturally as kids do we had to also get one for Tigger, as he requested one almost straight away, both play an assortment of things on their Ipad, more so than just using them to watch stuff.

A pen-style accessory is a pen-shaped object with a special head that replicates your thing but in a much more detailed way, and over the years these have become far more popular, Even Apple themselves make them, Artist who have used Graphics tablets for years will use them, alongside people who use non-apple Ipad tablets, that can essentially do the same thing depending on the program/app.

There are actually different style heads on the end for thickness etc but in reality, for most uses, you can use the one that comes with it, for Tigger, in particular, he likes to draw so it made sense for him to have those Apps/Games on his IPad, its all good using your finger but it doesn’t give you that same feel, and for him, he loves to sit with his notebook and draw so using this in the same logic on his Ipad is a big plus.


Not only can it help kids get used to holding a pen etc and drawing, I’ve found that Tigger uses it for games also, this surprised me as I didn’t think he would use it for them, let’s be honest we’ve all played games on Phones and Tablets/Ipads and we use our fingers but he finds it’s better using his Pen.

I still think its better for the drawing and creative aspect but in reality, if he likes the feel of it, even when he’s playing a completely different game? then fine. If your kids do have an iPad etc and you want them to do more drawing, designs etc.. then I would strongly recommend a Comitable Pen, these days there’s a few different brands, and obviously.

Apple Pen is obviously a great one but look around you might see another one, it is a great addition and can help to inspire kids to be creative, there is a host of apps available and many of them are free so there will be plenty to do.


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