Is There Room For Romance In The Business Of Parenting?


Parenthood profoundly impacts how couples interact. Forget being fun and fancy-free with your favourite person – you suddenly have entire lives to take into account. For this reason, many couples consider their partnerships to be more businesslike in their post-kid lives. Conversations about pasts or passions are quickly outstripped by chats about meal plans and pickup times. Romance can quickly fall off the table as a result.

Unfortunately, while it may be normal, failing to address this lack of romance could lead to the fallout of your relationship over time. Then, you and your partner really would have to put your business heads on when deciding things like financial splits and custody arrangements with the help of family mediation services. That would soon see you rue the day you set love aside. But, how exactly can you prevent it from happening? 

Is There Room For Romance In The Business Of Parenting?

Be Open About How You Feel

Your lives have been busy since you had kids, and the chances are that you’ve both slipped into business mode without even realising it. After all, when you’re juggling work commitments, schooling, and general care, you survive however you have to. If that means a relationship in rotas, then so be it. Or not. Romance can’t survive if you don’t nurture it. So, let’s say your partner hasn’t sat down and asked about your day all week – tell her. The chances are she’s not even had time to consider it. By bringing each other’s attention to the issue, you can reconnect, remain aware, and are more likely to prioritise both the business and personal moving forward.

Prioritise No-Kid Time

Date night can bring back the spark in any relationship, and it’s something parenting partners should always make time for. But, you mustn’t let the business of parenting creep into your time together. Sitting down for a much-needed romantic meal definitely isn’t the time to hash out what’s going on with Harry! 

Instead, turn at least a once-monthly date night into a no-kid zone. Yes, that’s right – commit to not talking about the kids! You might feel a little lost at first, but removing the business side, as it were, will push you to reconnect with shared passions, recounted tales, and a general return to whatever topics made you fall in love in the first place. 

Is There Room For Romance In The Business Of Parenting?

Have Fun At Work

There will always be serious things to take care of when you have kids together, and that parenting work never really ends. That’s not a problem, but it can quickly become one if you nag or snap at one another when taking care of those tasks. 

Instead, keep work light. See your partner as that colleague you always enjoy working with. Have fun. Laugh. And, most importantly, remember that this is a dream job for both of you, and you’re lucky you get to do it as a team

Parenting together might be hard, but it’s time you started to mix business with romance by putting these tips into place. 

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