Lego 75191 – Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive

Lego 75191 is a Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive based on Star Wars episode 2 attack of the Clones, in which Obi-wan travels to Kamino to investigate and discovers the clone army. In which he also encounters Jango Fett and a young Boba Fett, travelling in his Starfighter he needs the Detachable HyperDrive to travel long distances. The set contains 825 pieces, R4 and 3 mini-figures and it retails at £89.99.

lego 75191

I appreciate for Many Star Wars Episodes 1,2,3 are not their favourite, and don’t get me wrong I’m not saying there mine, but I do enjoy parts of the 3 films, and I actually enjoyed the Clone wars series a lot. But this scene in number 2 was great,I’m a big fan of Boba, so seeing him young and with Jango, that wins there little battle with Obi-wan was also great, but this set was unique, we had Starfighter before, including Obiwan but not with a Hyperdrive so when it was launched, it was a must for me, let alone how Tigger felt.

The Build…

Bag 1 Has Obi-wan, his mini-figure has had slight improvements since a couple of previous ones, his printed robes and belt for example, though no shoes feel a bit lazy, his head and hair are good as he has a turn around face aswell, but aren’t hugely different his mouth is slightly open on one, I’m sure Ewan put more emotions than that lol.

The rest of the bag focuses on the cockpit and the main central part of the Starfighter, its build more like a speedboat and hit rod with the long narrow central part. The curved design and stickers around the cockpit add a little difference, with a thicker tail fin on the back though a generic grey doomed glass-like top encloses him.

Bag 2 sees the two wings, basically identical in design but reversed, these are basic and pretty easy to make, two little grey engines on the back with stud shooters on top, these are attached to the side and angled to show design, flipping it over you can also see the Technic pieces installed in bag 1 ready for docking on the hyperdrive. R4 who joins Obi-wan for most of the film looks great with a white body, and dark red and pearl chrome top, that stands out.

Bag 3 has Boba Fett, but as a youngster, he’s sporting blue with a black belt, much like the films and very different from his future look. The rest of the bag consist of making the giant ring, this is the clearest pieces with grey connectors and lots of technic pieces. in the making, you feel its a little flimsy, especially the single rings, but once you put them together with the connectors it became far more studied,

Tigger struggled a little but generally with a little help this was fine. Out from the middle comes the stand that heads towards the centre, not only is this to support the Ship but it’s used the be carried and played, like a handle.

Bag 4 Has the big docking support for the ship, this joins the clear stand that was in the previous bag and once complete joins to the sides with the rings, Essentially the platform is made up of technic pieces as the structure and bottom layer, then two flat pieces are made to fin on top.

In the middle of these two pieces is room for more technic pieces to connect o that central clear stand and the star fight above, the idea is that once the starfighter has been placed, the pieces on the underbelly of the ship slides into the pieces on the dock. The use of two wing-shaped pieces move up and down on this for a display of the ship resting in the dock, there are also shooters on here for play.

Bag 5 much like bag 3 focuses on the rings, this time it’s decorating them, the same part red then part wide, studded and flat sections are built and follows all the way around, only the bottom pieces (the one at 6  on a clock face) is made bigger to add the support of the whole thing standing. This is a larger rectangle whereas the smaller rectangles go round the outside as mentioned before. It is a little fiddly again like the rings, but the actual build as simple as it’s just the same pieces repeated.

The final bag, has the mini-figure Jango, who since his last design has been updated like Obi-wan, he looks far more like Boba Fett’s suit in years to come (who also had got updated recently) which is correct as the designs should be the same but with different colours, following on the Mandalorian mantle. He is blue and pearl grey to match the film, and looks great.his guns are disappointing as they are the classic shooters, not even modern-day ones or special grey ones but hey ho it’s still a good minifigure.

Stickers and extra pieces add for detail to a couple of the side rings, the final pieces of the rings are two big engines, that are in equal position across the middle and cover the connectors from before. In each one of these are white cylinders with stickers, and oversized fan like cylinders, this is not entirely accurate to the film with sizes, but I imagine there went for what they had at that size over accuracy to the film.


Overall it’s a top set, the ship is basic and very easy to make, even for Tigger its really basic, tried and tested in these type designs, but that’s not the point of this set, its the unique hyperdrive which on the whole is fantastic, the mini-figure selection is fine.

I would have liked the alien who shows Obi-wan around the Kamino and clones, however, this is my issue in general with episode 2, there are places still missing or yet to be done correctly and she could appear. It’s great to just stand on display as well as the handle for play, as Tigger would do, I haven’t really taken the Starfighter for those reasons lol



  1. 3 February 2020 / 11:38 am

    We were just looking at the latest lego sets in the Lego Store yesterday. My son has the longest birthday wish list!

  2. Claire Roach
    3 February 2020 / 1:52 pm

    This looks great, my 15 year old son would go mad for it, I will have to show him.

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