Outdoor Activities for Backyard

Outdoor Activities for Backyard, If you are concerned about your kids growing up among a nation of couch potatoes with nature deficit disorder, what better way to combat the problem than by getting your kids exercising outside? Just don’t use the word exercise Before the age of computers and cable TV, kids spent most of their free time outside playing games of all sorts. Here are a few crowd-pleasers and fun things that doesn’t cost the earth.


Outdoor activities for the backyard are a great way to spend a good time with the entire family while enjoying the fresh air and having a great time. There are countless fun backyard ideas and activities that can be enjoyed by all, ranging from lawn games to fun activities for young kids. With a little creativity and some planning, your backyard can be transformed into a haven for hours of fun and entertainment.

About halfway through summer, kids can start to get restless. Rather than buy another movie, or send them to another water activity, a great idea is to teach them some new outdoor games that can be played right in their own backyard. Playing backyard games is something that seems to be relegated to gym classes or scout clubs. Surprise kids of all ages and the whole family with a new game and be ready to be crowned the Cool Mom. Make it official by offering cold drinks or frozen treats.

Flying Statues For Older Children

Flying Statues is a game that combines physical activity with creativity and puzzle-solving. The child who is “It” takes the hand of each participant, one by one, and whirls them around in a circle then lets go, gently. The child who’s been flung then lands and freezes like a statue in his landing position–hence the name “flying statues.”

After each child has become a statue, It turns each one “on” by touching them, one at a time. Each frozen statue then comes alive and creates a performance–for example, as a motor car, a wolf, a chef or a robot. It gets three guesses as to what the statue is. After all the statues have come alive, It chooses a favourite statue to become It for the next round.

Red Light, Green Light Is A Wonderful Way To Enjoy A Simple Game

Red Light, Green Light is a fun game for younger children that requires speed, agility, concentration and obedience. The game begins with all the players lined up side by side across the lawn from the leader. The leader turns with her back to the players and says “green light” to allow players to run forward, then “red light” to stop their movement.

Upon saying “red light,” the leader turns around as quickly as possible to catch any player who has not stopped yet. Anyone seen moving must go back to the starting line. The first player able to run all the way across the lawn to tag the leader, wins.

Blind Man’s Bluff Is A Fun Backyard Activity

This is a game best played in a relatively well-defined area without elements on the ground, such as large stones, that could easily trip someone. The Blind Man is blindfolded and counts to 10 or 20 while everyone else “hides” quietly within the defined area.

This game is somewhat like hide and seek, but players may hide in plain sight from the Blind Man. The catch is that they cannot move once they have chosen a hiding place. The Blind Man usually shuffles around, arms outstretched, feeling for his quarry. In most cases, a near miss will engender giggles from the players, which then serve as clues to the Blind Man. The first one tagged becomes the next Blind Man.

Squirrel Tag For Some Outdoor Fun On Hot Days

It’s all in the name. If squirrels are as common in your area as they are in mine, this game will be a hit with the little ones. Designate a squirrel catcher, leaving everyone else to be the squirrels. To start, all the squirrels hold onto a tree, note, a fence post or outdoor furniture works too if your yard is lacking trees.

When the squirrel catcher announces, “Squirrel scramble!” all the squirrels have to leave their safe spot and scramble to another without getting tagged. Once tagged, the squirrel turns into the squirrel catcher and game resumes. Alternately, the game could be played by accumulating squirrel catchers until there is one lone squirrel standing.

Backyard Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses can be made from nearly anything, anywhere. The backyard is full of great objects to use. Set up buckets to run around or jump over, have kids do an army-crawl under a picnic table or run a lap around the backyard. Large numbers placed on the different challenges will help keep the outdoor obstacle course game moving in the right direction. Time each individual or set up two courses side by side to race.

Catch The Bunny Is A Great Way To Have Some Fun

Love this game. You will need a small soft ball to represent the bunny, and a beach ball to represent the farmer. Set everyone up in a circle and start passing the bunny around from person to person. Once the bunny is in motion, add the beach ball going in the opposite direction. The farmer is trying to catch the rabbit.

If a person is holding the bunny when the beach ball, or farmer, is passed to them they are out. Since everyone in my family is a huge fan of Phineas and Ferb, we’ve changed the bunny to a platypus and the farmer to Dr. Doofenshmirtz. If you do not have a small rubber ball, or a beach ball, use something else! Stuffed animals work just as well.

Pick A Stick For Some Backyard Fun

A natural variation of the classic game, pick-up-sticks. You need a lot of sticks for this game, so if your backyard is treeless, you may have to wait to play in the wooded area at a later date. Start by collecting sticks of all different sizes and lengths.

No need to hurry through this part, gather sticks that you like they will be the basis of the game. Once there are approximately twenty sticks hold them vertically and then let them fall to the ground so that they fan out and make a pile.

Take turns removing a stick from the pile without any other stick moving. If the player is successful, they get another turn. If any stick moves, the game moves to the next player. The winner is the one with the most sticks at the end of the game. Make it more difficult by making players use their non-dominant hand.

Water Balloon Fight

Water balloons fights are fun outdoor activities and a fun way to beat the heat and bring a sense of excitement to any outdoor space gathering. Participants fill small balloons with water and toss them at each other, aiming to hit their opponents and soak them completely. The aim of the game is to avoid getting wet, and the anticipation of the next splash adds a layer of excitement to the game.

Water balloon fights are popular among older kids and young adults, but younger kids and adults can enjoy them too. They provide an opportunity for everyone to let loose, have much fun, and forget about their worries for a while. The appeal of water balloon fights lies in their simplicity, accessibility, and affordability. They require no special equipment and can be played virtually anywhere with water nearby.

Fun Backyard Activities

Engaging in outdoor activities for the backyard is always a good idea as it offers ample opportunities for a great time, imaginative play, fresh air, quality time, and entertainment. Whether it’s lawn games, fun backyard ideas, or activities for young kids, your backyard can become the ultimate playground for the whole family. So, go ahead and plan some exciting activities that will provide hours of fun and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Now, pull out the Popsicles and accept your award for the coolest house on the block.


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