Diary From A Dad | February 2023

As each month goes by my Diary from a Dad look at what’s happening with our little family, through all the adventures, challenges and obstacles that come to our lives. As a family of 5, with 3 children of different ages every day, week and month can offer something different. The month of Love returns, with Valentine’s day, Pancake day, but also a heartbreaking event for us that’s sees an up and down month.


Valentines day

Historically Valentine’s day for boo and I, its not exactly the most important day, being together for so long and married aswell for a while, our Anniversary obviously means more, but we do try to spend time together on the day and I like to look and what meals we can have at home to celebrate it. However, after having a look around the normal more flamboyant foods perhaps doesn’t suit Boo, so we decided this year to spend it with the kids, watch a film and get some snack for the film night, and have a family takeaway, essentially spending time together.

Pancake Day

In the past I’ve gotten into lots of details about Pancake day, in our house Pancake day is such a big day for the girls, Tigger being a fussy eater ofcorse isn’t bothered, and Boo has got to that point where she isn’t. However, for the other two girls especially for Roo that has been so happy for the day since she was really young, were ready for It.

Roo has a hot plate style machine cook, essentially for pancakes but you can heat Pitta bread, flatbread etc… but she uses it for pancakes and it works really well, so much like the last couple of years she took charge for us three to eat, my maple syrup ones were great.

End of an Era

Over the last 18 months plus, the “mum mobile” has had some issues, for Boo it’s her car and essentially one of her favourite things, but again over the last couple of years, it’s grown issues. Over the years we have owned a Citroen Picasso several times, and to be honest we have noticed that about 10 years old or 110,000 miles ish, whatever comes first the cars starts to develop issues, and we have had to sort out some of them until it falls off a cliff. Unfortunately, it was time for this car to fall off a cliff…we had managed to fix some stuff, and resolve issues on Services etc until something went more wrong.

To cut a long story short and less technical answer something broke within the engine and did a potentially unknown amount of damage, and this meant it was financially viable to fix it, even if it could be fixed….for the family its a big blow, its the car we use for our big adventures, its 7 seats and has that more comfort and space for them.

For Boo its been an upsetting time as she was close to her car, financially its come at the wrong time for us, so now we are down to my smaller car, we can all fit in but it’s really designed for smaller and shorter journeys around the city, we will now have to take time and work out the next step with travel and cars, but as you can imagine its a blow.

Onto the Next

As we end the month with arguably the quietest half term of the year and things about to start opening and restart, this potentially quiet month was over. March was next, and Easter was late this year, so the holidays would begin soon Easter normally has bit more going, but March might be just a get-through-it month based on recent events.


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