My Top 5 Western Films

Western films use to be THE films in the industry, and for many Americans of the older generation they still hold this so dear to there heart, but being British we don’t perhaps hold them as highly regarded but there are still many of them are just good quality films, and still, the names of many are known, maybe not with the younger generation but these films should still be remembered

Now I think I’m that generation that just caught the end of it, so I’m not hugely into them, but as I said I sill think they should be honoured in filming history, regardless of the topic, cultural change etc.. but my list will be very different from certain age groups, it’s just what I’ve been used to, they’re certainly less that there use to be so there is no further breakdown, just simple.


Heads up, Tombstone is one of my favourite films of all time, from 1993 an awesome cast with Kurt Russel leading the way, but there are so many quality performances, for me it’s probably Val Kilmers best film, “ill be your Huckleberry” is still one of my favourite lines from any film. there are lots of Stories/ films around Wyatt Earp but for me, this is the best, I can’t stress how good this film is.

Django Unchained

I’m a big fan of Quentin Tarantino and this 2011 film is on the edge of the Western genre but like many of his other films, this film is ultra-violent and tries to be realistic and raises that though another level, though there are parts of this is a bit far fetch and a little silly, but the performances of an all-star cast are fantastic, for me, Leonardo Dicaprio is amazing in this, a very different character for him, but to be honest there are many great performances to call out, Jamie Foxx though is obviously extremely good along with Christoph Waltz, but if you watch anything on this list, make it this one if you haven’t seen it.

Magnificent 7

I realise the original is one of the most historic and recognisable in Western film history, but as is aid earlier I’m not really part of that generation so this remake makes my list, this 2016 version still has a Stella cast with Denzil Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawk among others, being a fan of Denzil maybe this film wouldn’t have been as good without him? but still its a good story and a quality film.


In 1992 this film which saw many awards and praise saw Clint Eastwards final stray into westerns, as he Stars and Direct this fantastic film, a star-studded cast of the time with Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman, Richard Harris all support this critically acclaimed film, ill be honest I think its good, but many of my friends think this is a fantastic film and arguably there favourite Western film (Same age as me), but it is good a good way to almost ending his era of Western films.

Young Guns

The 80’s brat pack filled the two films which I hold both is high regard, they are awesome and a great telling of a famous story, the cast is strong from 1988 and 1990, with Stars at the time Like Emilio Estevez, Keither Sutherland, Charlie Sheen, Lou Diamond Phillips among others, the second one for me was even better and had a strong Soundtrack from Bon Jovi, which is equally as famous, growing up these films was one of my favourites.


They aren’t as popular nowadays and you do feel you have to wait a while for a really good one to come out, the hay days are over and in the political world Western films will never be that again, but there are still some classic films out there that are really good, and well worth the watch.

Below are some alternatives that could have made the list.

Hateful 8 | Another quality but different film from Tarantino

Dances with Wolves | Brilliant film and could have made the list with Kevin Costner

Assassination of Jessie James | A solid more modern day western film

310 to Yuma | Another good film and well worth a watch with a modern-day Western film.

True Grit | Great cast and a good remake, though the original for some was better.


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