Lego 75200 Star Wars Ahch to island training

Lego 75200 Ahch to island training set is from Star Wars The Last Jedi, Episode 8 in the saga, in which we see Luke Skywalker training Rey. This set is one of the smaller sets from the range and contains Luke Skywalker, Rey, Lukes hut, and a Porg!

Lego 75200

Tigger and I love Star wars, and even though perhaps these sets of films won’t go down in history as a great contribution to the franchise, there are still some neat points. Maybe on Ahch scenes annoy Star wars fan more than most it doesn’t detract from the set being a choice, how ver with such a small set does it deliver?

The Build…

Bag 1 sees the beginnings of the hut, pretty small and simple, using lots of greys to give the illusion of stone. Inside is some basic decorations to add to the hut. A luke skywalker Minifigure is a much older one than any other ones before as he has aged as per the film. If you haven’t got this version yet then this is a cheap way if you were thinking of getting him, he has a staff, and a Cape with different hair now. He still has a mechanical hand which is a nice touch. Lastly, a little Porg which is simple to make and looks cute.

Bag 2 completed the hut with the roof and some more decorations in and out of it. Including a fireplace and rock (that Rey breaks). The additions to the sides and front add a bit of depthness to it. Though still largely grey lol. But the roof does make it better. Rey is the last minifigure in the set and has a staff (stick) and light sabre.

Our Thoughts…

Overall the set is fine, it’s small but cheap. A good way to get to Luke into your collection, the play repeat is limited and may be a good display piece if you are a collector of scenes. I know several star war fans are not so may give this set a miss. However, if you are a star wars fan and does like to have the scenes for their display or replication of the films then it’s cheap enough to buy.

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