Balancing Fitness and Gyms with Family Life

For most of my adult life, I have ultimately struggled with fitness and my weight. At school I was fairly thin and did lots of exercise, my diet was great but in reality, it didn’t matter much as I was always doing sport.


As i left school

As I left school and started work, found a partner, and started living together etc. I did fall into the trap of eating whatever, takeaways, restaurants, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, sweets, generally anything. I also never did sport or attended the GYM. Largely because I was working but the effort. I did the classic married life and kids situation.

Since then I have got larger, I constantly battled with my mind and my happiness with regards to my weight. I hated how I look, I hated the way I had got bigger. Now with the kids, I started to notice that I struggle to keep up with them in their activities. Whatever game we played or sport I would need breaks or slow my pace. It was embarrassing, and demoralizing, and made me feel even worse.

Through the years I’ve tried to lose weight which I have done at times and then put it back on, if not gained more. Things would happen in my life and this would also affect it. I would be unhappy, eat and put on weight, or not lose anything, and feel even more unhappy, then eat because of it. It was a vicious cycle.

Making changes

Over the last couple of years, I’ve made some changes in my life, and I still have plenty more to do. My biggest challenge at the moment is fitting in family time, full-time work, and my fitness, which tends to be the GYM. This is a  constant struggle. Work at the moment takes up most of my time, but as soon as I’m not there, I feel I should be with my family. So if I was to go to the Gym, I would be concerned I’m taking more time away from them.

I used to go on my days off, but then I was finding that these days were my time with the kids. So I stopped and budgeted time after work, so I would pop in before I got home. But this would push me towards there bedtime, if not past it. So my small amount of time with them each day would be even less.

My Future…

Ultimately this is my struggle, keeping a healthy balanced diet, using the gym, working full time, and seeing the kids. I dislike how I look and how I feel and I have made several changes over the years to combat this and my health. But my quest to balance everything continues…


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