Cheap Easy And Unique Ways To Craft Christmas Decor With Your Kids

Decorating your Christmas tree can be a fun and special tradition for you and your family. There are endless ways to approach decorating your tree. One way to include your children and bring back the feelings of Christmas past is to go with homemade decorations.


Children have an endless quantity of imagination. Grab up some simple supplies around the house to see what you and your children can create. Simple card stock and foil can be used to make an amazing shiny star for the top of any tree. Most food stores carry generic bags of cereal, grab up some colourful cereal and yarn to create a vibrant garland.

Small tree for the kids

Another option this year is to have a small kids tree. This could be anything from a little 3ft tree on a table to a few branches in a small pot. Let your children decorate their own tree using their creative ornaments.

A great and cheap craft for kids is no-sew felt ornaments. All you need is some scissors or pinking sheers, pieces of felt, some ribbon or string, markers and craft glue. Cut your felt into circles, diamonds, hearts, and shape you want. Let your kids decorate and design each one to their liking using the markers. When you are finished glue a small piece of ribbon or string to the felt to hang on the tree. You could also use glitter or stickers to add sparkle and special touch to your ornaments.


Winter is such an amazing time to get out into the crisp open air. Bundle up the kids and step outside to search for décor supplies. Make a game out of who can find the most pieces to add to your collection. Simple pinecones can add flare to any tree with some glitter and ribbons. Nature can provide and endless amount of freebies to your ornament collection.

Another fun and inexpensive craft are bean mosaics. Use your cardstock or cardboard, a variety of beans and some glue to make some truly remarkable additions to any tree. Cut your card stock or cardboard into any shape such as butterflies or circles. Spread some white glue on one side and then lay down your beans.

Come together

Christmas is a time to come together with your families, build new traditions, and enjoy the company of one another. Crafting with your kids will help them to gain valuable memories and time spent together that they would hold on to and share with their own families one day. Remember, crafting does not have to be expensive, open your mind, dig out those scraps, forage the yard, and build an amazing and unique tree with your kids this Christmas!


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