Warner Brothers Studio Tour London | Gringotts Bank update

The Warner Brothers studio Tour is located in London near Watford and is based on the hugely popular Harry Potter films. In the location of where much of the movies were filmed. It has been around for a few years but the Gringotts Bank is its latest addition.

Whats New?

The Tour itself has come a long way over the years, it has had many additions like The Forbidden Forrest and Hogwarts express. Its layout has been tweaked and more things have been expanded, with Numerousurs sets and props, but also more interactive things like the green screen Broomstick riding or the Hogwarts express photo interaction.

Not only has the Gringotts been added but the whole entrance and beginning of the tour been upgraded. The entrance location has now changed and a much larger waiting area, (with a hanging iron belly dragon, amazing), and a bigger cafe with hot chocolate frog stand (includes cake and hot chocolate). This large waiting area now has a screen going round most of the room that they have weather effects and portraits of characters. Starbucks is there still but a custom looking design, as well as the reception desks, cloakrooms etc…

The Studio Tour

The initial walk to the video greet and the cinema is now a much longer walk with many different Harry Potter facts and information points. Much longer than before. You have more screens as an Introduction followed by the mini cinema which greets you to the Great Hall, the original one from the films, this sets the standard for the exhibition.

You proceed through the main room which holds much of the sets and props, you can easily spend an hour in this part, as it has so much including broomstick riding, wand training and many things to take pictures of.

You then proceed to the two newer parts, forbidden Forrest which was really detailed with the spiders and buckbeak. Then onto the Hogwarts express in a replica Kings Cross with the train, gift shop, photo sections and the twin itself. 

Next is the food part with a sizable cafe and the place that has butter beer! In drink form and ice cream! Next it this js the outside part of the tour, including a replica pivot drive, hogwarts Bridge, Knightbus and other parts. 

Next, we venture back onto the more design aspects, so more of the mechanics, and makeup. At this point we had set finished art props etc.. But this part was more about the behind the scenes. 

Here We Go !!

After this the new addition! There are several parts to the Gringotts Bank, the first part is the behind the scenes drawings, masks, the people who played the goblins, including Warwick Davis who plays 4 characters in Harry Potter. As we swing around the corner we are greeted by the Bank itself! It’s brilliant, so detailed with marble and design, the actual chandeliers used hung from the ceiling looked amazing. Having the goblins behind the desk was a real solid touch. You can go right up to the cash desk, which surprised me. But a feat photo opportunity!

The next room was more behind the scenes in a darker room and focused on the mechanics and the treasure. A great photo opportunity with the sword of Gryffindor there also,  next room saw my favourite bit! The room saw a destroyed version of Gringotts Bank with a hidden screen, the idea is you stand there and look, then the noise starts! A growl and the room vibrates and shakes! The dragon approaches and let’s our roar with flames! The use of a hidden digital screen alongside special effects is brilliant, there are different versions of what happens with the dragon. Which is a nice touch! If you were to watch it more once.

Out of the Bank into…

The next room is Diagon alley, another must-see as you exit the Bank, it’s highly detailed! And got all the main shops Including the Fronts of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, Ollivanders wand shop, Madame Malkin’s, Magical Menagerie.


The next room is more behind the scenes drawing and designs of buildings and sets, this leads you the replica of Hogwarts! Now my second favourite part, it’s so pretty in design and this giant side model is magnificent. 

Next, we ventured into the gift shop but via a room like Olevanders wand shop, which has many wand boxes around the room with all different actors and production names on it from the films. The gift shop itself has also had a redesign due to the entrance change etc.. This was much better than before with much clearer defined areas of products. Along with a bigger till area. 

My Thoughts…

Overall this is a great experience, if you are a Harry Potter fan then this is the ultimate place to be with so much to explore and incredibly detailed sets and props. Even if you weren’t a big Harry Potter fans it’s still a great place to visit. The new addition of Gringotts Bank is yet another great addition, this far exceeds what they have done before and is brilliantly done.

With the other changes as well the tour has had a much-needed facelift due to how much it’s grown now. The investment in screens and the entrance area makes it seems Even more special now. If you only ever visit it once then you will not regret it. 


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