Lego 75950 – Harry Potter – Aragog’s Lair

Lego 75950, Harry Potter, The Aragogs Lair set is one of the smallest in the whole range and has about 157 pieces and 2 mini-figures. Its RRP of about £12.99 and focuses on the Chamber of Secrets film, with them meeting Aragog! the Spider!

lego 75950

This wasn’t perhaps on the top of my list when it came to relaunching of Harry Potter sets and is arguably the last one I really looked at, thus the late build. On paper, it doesn’t look the most thrilling, and the biggest but having a character like Aragog, was worth a punt, I also own the LOTR set 9470 Shelob attacks and was keen to see the comparison between the spider builds.

Being a Small set everything is in one go, all the bags the book, the stickers the mini figures etc.. everything is out at once, so id is reviewing the things as a whole as opposed to the build like we normally do, Tigger did the building which was easy to do.

Harry Potter mini figure is generally good with his more mopping like hair from the second film and his blue jacket and shirt underneath looks a lot more like the film, he doesn’t have the new style kids mini-figure legs, which are moveable but it’s still fine, he comes with the token Wand, but a candle also is with him as they go into the forbidden forest.

Ron Weasley like Harry has a double-sided face with the scary face as an option, I choose this for both as per the scene lol, his clothes again are very like the film and a good choice, his hair is a touch longer than perhaps it should be and more suits Goblet of fire for example as opposed to Chamber of secrets, but it’s only a minor thing, he also has a wand and a grey lantern, again for there adventure into the dark forest.

There is a scenery type build with a corner design tree piece, and extra little spiders, the spiders are fine and been used many times in builds. The tree itself is designed with a mushroom-like shooter in the base, I don’t really know why but hey ho, couple of brown branch builds and plant pieces for the trees, cobwebs added and the ability to hold spiders on the tree is a nice touch.

Aragog, has been done before in the older sets, but the first return in this wave, this version is slightly smaller than the previous versions but the colours and design is far closer to the film. The reddish-brown style effects and black eyes look great, especially the eyes that are a great rounded piece, the only slight criticism of this is the squarish head, it has a hinge that allows the eyes to move up and down which I understand looks good, but its just a square.

Underneath though of this is the pinches style teeth which again is much like the film. The body looks good and I was surprised the legs worked very well, they can go up and down but also 6 of them have a slight give left and right, because of the hinge piece used to connect.


Overall it’s a fine set, again not the show-stopping set but based on the price and size the expectation has to be lowered, and let’s be honest its a good price for an iconic scene. It’s a quick build and has some playable features for kids, but the design of Aragog is solid and well worth to the collection, just keep your expectations in check.


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