Lego 75958 | Harry Potter |Beauxbatons Carriage Arrival at Hogwarts

Lego 75958 Harry Potter, the Beauxbatons Carriage arrival at Hogwarts is based on the 4th Film, Goblet of Fire in which the Carriage arrives for the Tri-Wizard cup, featuring Beauxbatons. the set includes 4 mini-figures and 430 pieces, with its RRP of £44.99 this puts it around the lower to mid-level price sets and part of the second wave of Harry Potter sets.

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I was pleased with the first wave of the relaunched Harry Potter series of sets, so I was fine with getting this, the girls in the house actually really like Goblet of fire film, especially the ball etc.. so they were also fine with us getting this. Tigger and I would be doing the build which for us we hadn’t done a carriage before and rarely horses (they are different I know), so it would be an interesting build.

The Build

Bag 1 has the two much larger mini-figures, Hagrid is an exclusive version in this one with clothes taken from the Yule Ball attire, its great, he even has little pockets sticking out of his coat, and because of the design of the top half, which sits on small legs, is so tall, this gives his much bigger appearance to the others, the arms connect with technic pieces much like larger big figs of hulk etc..he also has two paddles to help the landing of the carriage as well as a bottle.

Madame Olympe Maxime rarely appears in the films but is prevalent in this one and is a potential love interest of Hagrid (not that it’s ever referenced again), she is present in another set in the series, the clocktower, however, she is wearing a red dress in this one with a fuffy white-collar, however, the collar is printed which is disappointing as in the film its much bigger, this is a little lazy, her hair is a pretty standard one but at least that’s like what she has, she has a large sloped leg design for her dress but also to add her height much like the film.

The rest of the bag focuses on the platform of the carriage which is a relatively straight forward design like a car with space for wheel but much longer,however, it does feel a lot sleeker and has brown gold and light blue used for the one side as well as the base of it, Royal style blue and gold stickers add some regalness to it.

Bag 2 has the next mini-figure in the shape of Fleur Delacour, who is the entry to the tri wizard cup, she has exclusive clothes in this set along with the standard wand, her colours carry on the light blue theme along with dark blue on the legs to indicate boots, which is a clever touch with not actually giving them boots. Her hat has long blonde hair connected to show length.

The rest of the bag focuses on the roof and the other side of the carriage, which is very similar to the first half done, however, these are connected via a big hinge made on top, with the idea of lifting the whole side for play value, as these have a door for figures to enter normally, the interior is designed with this in mind as it’s lifted this shows the draws etc. More design work on top and gold lanterns added again to carry on the light blue and gold effect, with this all looking a little regal.

Bag 3 has the last mini-figure in the form of Fleurs younger sister Gabrielle Delacour, who to be honest isn’t in the film much but this is fine that shes with her, who else would you choose from there school? She had the little legs to show her being younger but also has the same style design of top, hair and hat, with only her legs being slightly different in colour, no boots.

In our final bag, Two wings Abraxons are then made with the design being two white horses and attachable wings, which join via the middle riding seat part, this can be tweaked to allow the hitch piece for the pulling of the carriage, in reality, there should be more based on either films or books but they opted for two, however, in pure design they are great with a striking appeal to them

Unlike how they are connected to the carriage which s boring and dull and made worse by the light blue and gold detail that continues in the rest of the bag including the reddish-brown top, this hides the hinge part for the sides of the carriage that you can lift. The addition of the curved ends on all fours corners makes it again look very formal and royal, the wheels are last done with one set rigid and attached at the back with technic connect pieces, however the front set on a turntable that allows movement left and right once connected.


Overall the set on paper is a bit expensive for what you get, if you were able to get it cheaper then this falls into a good set, 4 mini-figures as a collective are good, with Hagrid especially being very good, it is a relatively look piece count and inside they could have done far more, I like the ability to open it out as the film gives the illusion it hold many students, but actually it looks a little sparse inside once fully done, enough room for the mini-figures but there snot much else happening.

The horses again are really pretty and good, but with the piece count and price why not add at least two more horses, this would have been much closer to the effect that it should be with multiple horses. However the set is good, for a variety of reasons, it won’t be memorable like some of the others for me I’m afraid but it is different to many of the others, the colours and design looks very pretty, it could have been wider to incorporate what I’ve said, it still would have looked nice but it’s just being a little fussy with these details, again for me it’s about price and what you get and this set is more relevant than almost any other HP set.


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