Christmas Gift Ideas For New Dads

Christmas Gift Ideas For New Dads, Becoming a new dad is a joyous occasion. This is a proud moment for both mom and dad. As a way of celebrating the birth of a new child, many people give the perfect gift to the new parents. You don’t always have to buy diapers to show the new family that you are happy for them. You don’t have to leave dad out, either. Let him know that you are thinking of him, too by buying a great gift to celebrate the day.


Gift Cards Are The Ideal Gifts

Give the first-time dad a gift card for a dinner out. This is a practical gift because everyone has to eat. Plus, both parents deserve a break. You could also give them a gift card for the local hardware store or something that suits their interests.

Matching Shirts – A Great New Dad Gift

Get matching shirts or hats for the first-time dad and the baby. Pick something they will wear, like his favourite sports team or racecar driver. In dad’s eyes, there is nothing cuter than his new baby supporting his favourite team, too.

Dad Memorabilia

First-time father memorabilia is a popular and unique gift idea. Buy dad something that says #1 Dad, Proud Papa, or something like that. Give him something that will help him tell the world that he is proud to have a child. You could also get personalized mugs, pens, lighters, and so much more.

Offer A Helping Hand

Is there a project that dad needs help with? Can you babysit, or clean the house? There will be plenty of extra chores that need to be done around the house. Be a good friend and offer to pitch in. It will only take a few minutes of your time, and you will be taking work off the new dad. This is a win-win situation for sure.

The Sentimental Gift

Frame a picture of him and the baby together. Be creative and decorate the frame. You could also have a picture printed on a hat, cup, shirt, blanket, or even a mouse pad!

Parenting Books Great Christmas Gift Ideas

New dads are often worried and anxious about the new baby due to a lack of experience and knowledge. Now is the perfect time to give him a parenting book specifically tailored to a new dad such as “The Expectant Father” written by Armin A. Brott and Jennifer Ash. Parenting books for fathers such as this one explain all of the basics of caring for their baby, as well as instructions as the child grows up.

Handprint Or Footprint

Give the new dad a gift he will treasure such as a hand or footprint of the new baby. Purchase a new dad survival kit that comes with everything you need to get her hand or footprint. Some kits might use ink or paint, while others will make a casting of the print. To do this yourself, simply place the baby’s hand or foot on a plate with paint, then place it on a piece of paper and let it dry. Place the new print in a picture frame with a stand so he can move the picture around as he sees fit.


A new wallet for the new dad, complete with new pictures of the baby is a big hit. Choose a nice leather wallet in his desired colour and choose a few of the best baby pictures. Have wallet-size pictures printed at any photo center or from your own computer? Put the baby photos inside the wallet for a gift that is both practical and meaningful.

Baby Sling

Baby slings allow the parent to be close to his child and offer a special bond no other product can produce. This is what makes a baby sling for a new dad one of the best items he can receive. Choose a front-carrying sling in a colour dad would be comfortable with such as black, blue, or green. Once he opens the gift, show him how to put it together and use it safely. He will be treasuring the moments he shares with the baby as their bond grows.


Cameras and video cameras are great gifts for new dads and dads-to-be. Dads with the latest gadgets will enjoy recording every milestone in their children’s lives. Cameras and video cameras can be a bit pricey, yet this gift is doable if family and friends pool their funds. A gift basket laden with extra camera batteries and memory cards, photo frames, photo albums, certificates for film development, and photo software will complete the package.

Exercise Is A Powerful Tool

The outdoorsy dad who likes to jog and stay fit will appreciate a compact design stroller along with a cool diaper bag in different colours. Jogging strollers come with thick wheels that generally appeal to a man’s sporty side. A new dad won’t mind running behind one of these models—or pushing the new baby around the neighbourhood or local mall while the new mom goes about her business. This gift can easily turn into a themed gift for the new dad. All you need to do is add a new pair of sunglasses, a sweatsuit, a new pair of running shoes, and the new dad will be itching to take the baby out for a spin.

Informative Gifts Are Excellent Gift Ideas

Tap into an expecting dad or a new dad’s paternal instincts by giving him the gift of knowledge. There are many books available that will make useful gifts and are written just for men on topics such as child development, parenting, fatherhood, and how couples can adjust to having those sleepless nights and a crying baby in the home. If books are not an option, consider DVDs or CDs. These are the best thing for the man who isn’t into reading.

Personal Gifts Are A Big Deal

Most of the thoughtful gifts that men receive when a new baby arrives are geared around the baby and fatherhood. Giving a man a personal gift that is still in keeping with the spirit of the baby yet speaks to the man’s individuality is sure to please. Ideas include a recorded copy of the man’s genealogy, his family crest matted and framed, or an engraved piece of jewellery such as a pocket watch or money clip that can be passed down to his children.

Dads often get overlooked when the stork brings a new baby into the family. Most of the gift sets that are received on this special occasion are for the new baby and the new mom. If there is a dad-to-be or a new dad in your circle of family or friends, there are special new father gifts that you can give to help solidify and encourage his role in the new family.

Ask the best dad if there is anything he wants or needs to ensure that you get the greatest gift. Sometimes a great way to accomplish this is to know exactly what you are shopping for to get the perfect present. You could also take him out for drinks or a ride on the back roads. There are many gift ideas and essential baby products that you can buy for dad, just use your imagination! The thought is what matters most of all.

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