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The London Transport Museum is located in London Covent Garden. This means it’s surrounded by several shops, boutiques, cafe and places to eat and drink, With some regular entertainment. 

London Transport Museum

Through the years

Through the years we have taken the kids to a few museums, the kids have been really good and always participated at them. In really these days is more uncommon with kids as they would prefer to play games or be on phones etc. But to be fair to the kids they have been good about it, even when it’s not always been interest for one of them. 

Boo and I decided to take them to the Museum on one of our London visits. I have never been there and myself and Tigger do enjoy a variety of vehicle’s, trains, cars, buses etc…. We had all three kids and decided to bring the pushchair for Piglet as our travel would be along the walk. Especially as we came from Waterloo Station due to its disabled and pushchairs access. Luckily the museum itself has ramps and lifts which was very useful as these allowed access to all levels. 

On the Bus

As we began our journey inside the museum we had our Stamp cards (that tends to be in a lot of places now) and were planning on stamping them all as it’s good for the kids to do. It’s an odd beginning though because you essentially have to go up and cross over people leaving the museum. As we went up to the ramp we then went up some lifts, so now we were starting the furthest away, which makes sense I suppose. 

We went past exhibitions of buses and transport in London from years ago,(we start the museum oldest making way through time to nowadays). Tigger enjoyed these as you were able to get up close and sit in some coaches. 

Next level down via the lift saw us looking at trains, which was very enjoyable, these were really good and again able to get up close and sit in some. We all the way around on this floor to see the trains etc… From here there was a walkway over the main floor below, to another balcony area, this had a little play area and interaction for the kiddies.

Piglet enjoyed this as she found a brush and uniform to clean up the area lol (as part of the play area). Also, you were able to enter an up to day London bus and sit in its driver seat and experience what it feels like, alongside some CCTV cameras to see the people in the back. Much like real life now. 

Another lift down we were now on the main floor, this was the biggest area and held a whole range of buses, as well as the cafe and a bigger play area of kiddies. The cafe prices were what you would expect in London, and the play area was interactive with vehicles. It’s not soft play and leaves your kids zone! it’s not big enough but still fun for the kiddies to have a quick play.

Following the Stamp cards

We followed the numbers of the stamps from our card earlier, so this allowed us to go onto the next part which was much more about trains and underground. Which now is a major part of London, thus had a big part of the museum, even the final part talked about cross rail 1 and cross rail 2, which was very educational and interesting for me. 

Finally made our way to the exit, past the incoming people? Through to the museum gift shop. Overall it’s a great museum if you are interested in transport, I know that sounds silly but if you have no interest in it there it’s not for you. There’s little about anything else,  but being in London there are so many museums so this is specific.

Young kids?

There are fun areas but perhaps Piglet was a bit too young for this, she did well and enjoyed the interactive bits but as for Tigger he enjoyed it especially. Roo did a lot of reading as she is quite a clever girl and always enjoyed museums, but she was good to read the information parts. Again for transport fans its a good place to visit. It makes a good change for kids to be doing something that’s educational while having

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