Madame Tussauds – Dad’s Opinion of the attraction

Madame Tussauds is located near Baker Street station, which takes you also past a great Sherlock Holmes statue. It’s part of the Merlin group of attractions so if you own a Merlin Annual pass it’s a great way to spend a couple of hours in London seeing some unusual and interesting sights. 

Madame Tussauds

Lets be honest

To be honest, I don’t always think that Madame Tussauds is on the top of a dad’s list for a day out, I recently attended the one in London, and in the grand schemes of things, I saw them as a minority, there were some, including me lol, but far more teenagers, women, and what looked like mums. So while I was there I asked myself, is this a place a dad would choose to come to? If so what’s there for them? 

So many peoples taste are different so I’m going to focus on what I like and what I saw the few that were there, we’re looking at. The main entrance and opening rooms were full of celebrities just, for me I saw Morgan Freeman, Patrick Stewart, Tom Hardy, all played great characters in films that I liked. I did look at others but I’ll be honest I didn’t really care that much. 

However, the alien special exhibition that’s currently on was something I enjoyed, being a fan of the films the display was great. Not too scary so Roo came with me. But still a great thing for me, interestingly it was not a busy as some of the other displays, maybe based on the people that attend as per my opinion earlier. The film theme obviously grips me so with exhibitions of Arnie, Bruce Willis, Steven Spielberg, King Kong, raptor. These were great for me to see and took the opportunity to take some photos. 

The sport display wasn’t very big which was a shame, I briefly looked as I’m a big sports fan, again a couple of quick photos. The politicians and historical figures I found part interesting, I’m not a huge fan of politics (especially at the moment) so I did skip that however I did see more men looking at this so perhaps it appealed to them… Pop stars were a mixture,

There are several younger celebrities and the younger generation were taking many pictures, the Beatles, Bob Marley, Elvis, Michael Jackson were also being displayed so it did have a mixture, these were less busy than the others though. 

The ride that shows the history of England/London was a pleasant break as you ride a taxi around, this was fine for all ages in reality, there was a Sherlock experience next to it but as this was an additional cost I decided not to do it, the rest of the family wouldn’t appreciate it but I would have, However, I do not agree that I had to pay extra. 

The Marvel 4D cinema was one of the things I was looking forward to, as a family we all enjoy marvel, especially, Roo, Tigger and I. It was a bit odd that I couldn’t see a way round to miss it, not that I would have. But it did make everyone hang around in a large room while we waited for the screening, I thought there would be more around to look at, but there was a hulk, spiderman, iron-man and Captain Marvel. The short film itself was very good, no spoilers, the 4D is fine, not too dramatic that could put some off.

The last thing we looked at was the star wars display, I didn’t realise this was on so a pleasant surprise. Again Tigger and I are fans of star wars and this was a great experience, the detail was brilliant and was great to get this close to some of these characters. 


Overall I did enjoy most of it, I still don’t think this would be perhaps on the top of mine, or a dad’s list, however as a day out in London as a family or group then this is great to see. I don’t think it’s appropriate for young children, it’s not pushchair friendly, in busy times it’s not young kids friendly. certainly 8 years upwards maybe, and teenagers etc.

Would be fine with it being busy and enjoying much of the displays. But this is not for piglet, luckily there was enough for Tigger, whereas the other two enjoyed it lots. The marvel and star wars exhibition was enough for me, the aliens and some of the others topped off the day. 



  1. 28 July 2019 / 10:59 am

    It looks much better than I remember, but then I haven’t been for around 25 years! lol We must be due a visit again. Mich x

  2. Rhian westbury
    28 July 2019 / 1:12 pm

    I haven’t been to Madame Tussards in quite a long time, but from the looks of it it hasn’t changed too much x

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