5 Easy Ways To Scare Up Kidsafe Halloween Costumes And Decor

Safety is a very important aspect of Halloween night which means that selecting a safe Halloween costume for your children is very important. Halloween is a very exciting time of year for children but it is also unfortunately a very dangerous one too.


Children are not used to being outdoors in the evening hours so they do not often have the knowledge needed to keep them safe while out roaming the city streets at night. You can help by insuring that you send your child out trick or treating in a Halloween costume which will help to keep them safe.


When choosing a costume keep in mind that the visibility of your child is a very important factor. Children are anxious to get as much candy as they are able to so they may not be watching where they are going. In case your child does not see them, make sure that passing motorists and other Halloween participants are able to see your child. Choose a costume that is light in colour, or one that has flashers, or reflective strips on all sides of it.

Children have a tendency to cross the road in mid-block, hurriedly scurry up and down staircases, and pass by fire lighted Jack-O-Lanterns as they excitedly search out their next Halloween treats. Each of these activities can be dangerous unless precautions are met to ensure their safety on Halloween night. Help to protect your children by following these simple tips for choosing a safe Halloween costume for your child.


Be sure that your child’s mask has ample visibility for them to see around them or use make-up instead. Many masks create a tunnel vision effect so that children are not able to see an oncoming car unless they turn their head completely to each side. It is dark, it is late in the evening, and they are excited. Your child may not see the car coming towards them until it is too late. It only takes a little fore planning to ensure that your child is able to see around him.

Flame Resistant Materials

If you are purchasing a Halloween costume make sure that this costume is made from flame-resistant materials, and that it does not have long trailing strands at the base, or tail of the outfit. Children pass close by numerous lighted pumpkins on Halloween night, many are set out along pathways, or on porches to help light their way. A trailing costume can easily catch the light as the child dashes past or stands too close to the lighted Jack-O-Lantern. By selecting a fire-resistant costume you can help to keep your child safe from fire hazards on Halloween night.


Painful or fatal falls are another accident that can occur on Halloween evening. Children are dashing up and downstairs, stepping up and off curbs, and running where there could be potholes waiting to catch their feet. Make sure that your child’s Halloween costume does not add to these dangers.

Avoid Halloween costumes that are long or floor length, ones with trailing ends, or those that are too loose-fitting as they may wind up sliding down on your child. If the costume comes with a sword, dagger, or other accessory insure that it is a short one. Without following these guidelines it is very easy for an excited child to become tangled up in their Halloween costume and fall.

Provide A Flashlight

Halloween night can be one of the most exciting times in a child’s life. They can get candy from virtually every house in the neighbourhood simply by asking for it. They also get to dress up as anyone, or anything that they want to, and stay outside till well into the dark of night. Help to keep your child safe this Halloween. Choose a costume that is safe for them to wear.


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