Lego 75258 – Anakin’s Podracer Star Wars 20th Anniversary

Lego 75258 is part of the Star Wars 20th Anniversary sets that were released to celebrate 20 years of Star Wars and Lego. This set focuses on Anakin’s Podracer from Episode one. The set is 279 pieces compared to its original one in 1999, of 134! so more than double the piece count. 

Lego 75258

Tigger and I have enjoyed building these sets from the 20th Anniversary range and each one also includes a collectable minifigure, in this set is the classic Luke Skywalker in his Rebel pilot gear, from his red wing on the battle for Hoth. These are a great added bonus to the sets however I don’t always see the correlation between the choice of this minifigure and the sets it with, I understand there are his parents in years to come but perhaps someone to do with the set or movie would have been better. 

The build

This is a moderately sized set so Tigger took the lead, bag 1 saw the collectable rebel pilot Luke Skywalker, with helmet, lightsaber standing platform, which can connect to the others in the series. The rest of the bag sees the cockpit, situated at the back. The clear stand and linking bridge are one of the biggest changes of the set, in the previous original set it was connected by long yellow traditional style bricks. But these are not meant to be visible, so the original one looks poor in retrospect. The use of technic style ideas shows how far it’s come in the 20 years. 

Bag 2 and 3 are almost identical, these make the engines at the front. 1 bag does the left engine and the other does the right. These had to most complexity to the build but Tigger was fine doing this, he connected it fairly quickly and confidently once these are connected to the central point, the stand is able to take the weight of the whole set, with it balancing from front to back. 

The remainder of set 3 includes the cables to link the cockpit to the engines, these are only aesthetic as the clear bridge actually does the holding. The two actual minifigures for the set are Padame and Anakin, these are much better than the original with newer prints and different techniques. Anakin is the young version much like the film with shortened legs and a Spanner/wrench. 


Overall this sets was good, Tigger found it very easy to do, he got in a little trouble when attaching the engines and standing it up. However it wasn’t the build of the set or how the stand works, it was more than he had knocked it and got impatient. The set is far better than the original in almost every way. And the finish looks so much better, the fact it stands adds a great effect u like most ships Lego makes. 


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