Top 5 Steven Spielberg Films

Steven Spielberg is one of the most known names in Film and TV, with his Writing, Producing, and directing some of the films in history. His Back Catalog of work is epic alongside being a co-founder of both Amblin and Dreamworks, but with all this what were my top 5 of his films?

Steven Spielberg

Deciding on a Steven Spielberg Film

I’ll be honest, this is extremely hard to narrow it down, his films are some of my absolute favourites in history and will always go down as some of the best, they are constantly referenced in pop culture and span over 50 years but with such a range and the type of films he does he’s probably my favourite director of all time.

The beauty of the films that he has been involved in is that almost everyone will have enjoyed something from his at some point, and actually, if you look further into it the amount of stuff he has been involved in is immense. With this said I’ve decided to focus on ones that he has directed…which is actually still a lot but here goes.


Its pop culture references reign supreme to this day, it may not be his first film but it’s his first big hit, everyone knows him from this point, and to this day is still one of my favourite films. Its well paced, almost horror for its time, stunning film that the world had not seen before.

Jurassic Park

Now I grouped the Jurassic Parks films together, and for me… the first is still the best, it was genre-defining and changed how many films with animatronics and CGI were made. This is also one of my favourite films periods… and even though the sequels are fine and add to the whole Pop culture delight that it is, who hasn’t got a memory of watching one of these films?

Saving Private Ryan

Quite simply for me the best War Film there’s best, Schindlers List may be wartime but different and excellent but isn’t perhaps that traditional war film. However Saving private is fantastic and in reality, really showed you the harshness of the war and for many a close look at what it may have felt or looked like, the best WW2 for film at the time for many years, let alone the stellar cast.

Indiana Jones

Like Jurassic Park I’ve grouped these together, however, I’m ignoring that the number 4 ever existed…so much wrong. However the other 3 are action classics, Harrison Ford is one top form, I’ve loved Temple of Doom when I was young and I still do now however I’ve grown up appreciating all of them, they are fantastic and for me have been difficult to match since in the genre.

Ready Player one

Yes Ready Player One, for me it’s that classic 80’s style film but set in a modern/futuristic world. I genuinely feel this is how gaming will go and how things could be, however, flipping over the story and cast is good and thankfully is spawning a sequel. However, it’s one of the more none Disney entertaining films in recent years and for modern-day kids, this is perhaps more up their path than some of these classics.


To be honest, there are some that should make the list, and my five below could have made it also, let alone other films he’s been involved in like Back to the Future etc.. and the films on my list are films that I can watch anytime and make me feel good or just are brilliant. This doesn’t take away at all from films like Schindlers List, which in my opinion is one of the greatest films of all time and a cinematic masterpiece. but that’s the point of his films there are so many choices.

Other Five films close to my list

Schindlers List | Excellent and a Cinematic Masterpiece
Minority Report | Tom Cruise Sci-fi classic
Catch me if you Can | Underrated Leo and Tom film
Close Encounters of the Third Kind | Started the Main stream Sci-fi films Genre in my opinion
War of the Worlds | Tom Cruise is fine in this retelling story, it was just missing something


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