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If you read my blog or social media platforms there are a few consistent themes kicking around, Marvel is one of those and it’s hard to believe by this point I haven’t written about Marvel and why I love it, as Marvel has been filtered around several of mine over the years.

Marvel thanos

Over the Years

Now over the years, there are many arms of Marvel, Comics, books, TV, Games, Films, etc it’s now across many different platforms, and because of its age, it has a healthy cast of characters some much more known as some little exposure. For me even though I’ve touched Comics etc I always found a home for me in TV or Films, the games can be good but they were so sporadic and as a gamer, it was very difficult to find a consistent quality, however, it’s definitely the TV and Film that hs grown, my love.

When I was young Marvel Films were not a big thing, there were glimpses but in reality, it took time, however TV series both live-action and Animated were far more apparent, one of Marvels big things is their stories, they are widely known and critically acclaimed, so TV series was a perfect platform to play out the long story but unlike the Comics more content, of course, was needed to fill out the gaps etc, both Xmen and Spiderman Cartoons were a big impact for me growing up.

Both these are still close to peoples hearts and widely known as great examples of the stories, things like Fantastic 4 and hulk were also very popular but for me, I wasn’t a huge fan, let’s be honest the Hulk live-action series is one of the more known in the whole history of Superheroes and TV.

However with the year 2000 hitting it begun the explosion of films began, Xmen went down very well and was massively hyped and this spawned many films afterwards, Fantastic 4 did well especially the first but the second one fell a little short.

But then Spiderman set the standard and for the first 2 films in the trilogy, much hype and well-loved was the order of the day, however, we all know what happened in the third! but needless to say, Spiderman had risen the bar but weirdly these were done by either Sony and Fox, Marvel had input, and of course, the ever-present Stan Lee had major inputs but they weren’t exactly Marvel’s own babies.

Marvel control

With Marvel over the years on the brink of going out of business and struggling they were facing a tough time again, the popularity of their Animation had wavered, the films of Xmen, Spiderman, Blade and Fantastic 4 all tailed off as they ended, Hulk wasn’t a success, and they were having a tough time, and I think all of us Love for Marvel had started to Waver with only the hardcore Comic readers still staying relatively loyal even though there was a lot of competition in that world.

But two things happened Disney would eventually buy Marvel and slap a rocket to the Marvel Universe, but you can’t argue one thing Ironman was released and it changed the cinema world, a huge risk with Robert Downey Jr. and yet another Marvel film.

But this wasn’t a project from Fox or Sony or even Disney really at the time, it was Marvel taking back control, and it blow away expectations, it quickly accelerated what could be done with Avengers and other characters, Hulk, Thor, Captian America and then Avengers all followed but one major difference the project, the project to combine them all and make one big MCU, and that’s what I like the most the link between them all.

Disney impact

They rolled on with this success with TV series of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Punisher, and others, etc and even though they aren’t directly linked and done by companies like Netflix, Marvel still have control and major input, let alone that they may yet introduce them into the MCU properly, most people who have watched them will have liked at least one if not all of them.

However fast forward to the Disney Plus era and its hard to believe that it’s even bigger now than ever, The avengers run is one of the biggest grossing and impactful films in Cinematic history, with Disney pushing it, now it’s one of the biggest brands in history and most people known or love the characters, and that’s where it is… there are characters that suit everyone, there are stories that are more than just simply and over the top FX action-packed films, it may now be a corporate beast, and from a couple hanging on to a money machine for Disney.

There are lots to be proud of, even with the passing of the legendary Stan Lee I’m sure he’s proud of what he accomplished and how much love we all have for marvel. whether it be Comics, Toys like Lego, Games, TV, or films Marvel is now a part of many of ours lives, its arguably my favourite pop culture thing and I could write another 10000 words about it all but that’s how much it influences my life.

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