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Paw Patrol the Movie, Adventure City Calls is the game featuring the Paw Patrol character however this time it’s based on the new movie with the same name, the Nickelodeon game is by Drakhar Studio and Outright Games and released on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia.

Paw Patrol

Its Paw Patrol!

Much like many parents we have watched Paw Patrol, I imagine all parents have watched the series, special or film at some point with their kids as it’s a long-standing popular franchise. It may have missed Roo but both Tigger ( who is now a little old for it) and especially Piglet has seen it a lot, she has toys, games, puzzles and even has a favorite, though it has changed a few times.

So with the new Film being released followed with a game this meant it was another one for them to watch or play. As for the game, there have been previous games featuring Paw Patrol and if you have seen or played them before, there’s a good pedigree so how would the lastest game get on?

What they say

“So long, Adventure Bay! PAW Patrol is on a roll…to Adventure CITY! When the pups learn that Humdinger has become mayor of a buzzing metropolis, they must race into action to save Adventure City from his selfish scheming. Play as your favorite pups on exciting rescue missions. Explore new locations, level up with vehicles and gadgets, play minigames, and save the day!”

We won’t talk too much about hits and spoilers towards both the film and game but the premise of course is there in the big city, the film has had a major graphics upgrade, and thus the game looks and feels more detailed than perhaps the previous ones.

However, there is a simplicity still within the game this isn’t a criticism as the ages it’s possibly directed towards needs that more basic style gameplay and this is great! Piglet how is 5 has played their previous games so she dived straight it understand to follow the 3D almost side-scrolling game, being a platformer collecting and doing little puzzles is the aim of the game.

Using Bones and other Paw Patrol symbols and ideas helps the child understand what there doing, likewise the characters you use are very easy to understand if you a fan of the series/Film, you know what the character does so when using an ability etc you get it, no doubt some children will shine towards there favorite character during there play, which is fine

Some Minigames

Not only is there the main story and play through but there are minigames, Piglets favorite part of the game is arguably Pup Pup boogie, this option though gives you the chance to play more of the game and longevity of the game, this can be crucial for kids to keep the game fresh as the main game is a little repeatable in the gameplay, but again that’s fine for younger kids as it helps them learn these type of games.

For Piglet she played both the minigames and main story with ease, and the game is very easy to get to grips with as it has helpful hints etc


The choice of the younger themed game on these formats are very limited, and for kids who own Xbox and PS4, for example, will find this game great to own, its simple fun but for those younger kids can be challenging enough to keep them entertained, but personally,

I would struggle to recommend a better game for those younger kids, there love of Paw Patrol will allow them to enjoy regardless but it’s a solid game for them, older kids could pick it up and even help the younger but in reality, they will fly through it or get a little bored, so depending on the age of the child will influence there play, but this doesn’t take anything away from the quality of the game.


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