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The Amazing Mystery box company is a website that sells pop-culture items both in the form of mystery boxes and some items separately, they also sell some in a shop and are very popular at Comic cons and similar events, their boxes are often priced at £24.99 or £49.99, but they do have deals and offers, however, they will often contain items at a much higher value, this one based around Marvel.

Marvel box

We actually have had a couple of boxes from this company before as we had picked them up as gifts, their shop is local to us and we had also seen them at MCM comic con a couple of times, but this was the first mystery box that we were reviewing, and obviously being Marvel fans what a good way to start.


First out of the box is a pair of socks, if you have ever read my other Mystery box reviews I’m a big fan of socks! these ones look great because I’m also a fan of Deadpool (before it was cool), weirdly they feel a little weird almost a Tie material, and perhaps much about the design than comfort, but they look good.


This was a metal Diecast Statue of “old man logan Wolverine”, the idea of it being from the Logan Film, it’s not super accurate and is a little cartoony but it’s still a neat thing to have on display if you like that Pop cartoony style design.

Avengers Mashem

In Mystery boxes there’s often some small toys/collector’s items that are also blind bag, this is no different and that’s not a criticism, but the Masham is something for a youngster to enjoy and we got Hulk, you can squish them for a little bit of fun.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Another small blind bag in the form of Funko Pint Size heroes, these like the Mashem are collectors but will be random blind bag style, we got Peter Quill/Starlord, there fine…if your a fan of these Funko styles figures it’s just an ultra-small mini version of them.

Captain America

Though under the Avengers bracket perhaps for this, this Mug focuses on Captain America, and boy what a mug, a white design with a stunning shield effect coming through the mug looks great, however, it is a beast of a mug, I drink coffee but this is a much bigger mug than normal

Key Ring

Cap’s Back with this animated style version of him but just his head this time, but this plastic design looks good, and personally, key rings or bag tag always are useful, and for someone like Tigger, he is always keen to add these to either his bag on his key(that’s a new thing this year).

Captain Marvel

Probably the biggest and unique thing of the box is Goose the cat, originally Chewie in the comics, Goose the Flerken cat named from Top gun, is a good character in the film, however, the top looks brilliant, not only is it a fluffy Cat toy, it also has the ability for its tentacle-like a mouth to open up and come out, much like the film, this is an excellent example and to be honest really different to a normal toy or collector’s item.


As I’ve said before these can be great gifts at a Comic-con etc, if you were looking at a particular theme like Marvel, Star Wars, Gaming, Tv, Etc then they can be excellent, but they are random so you need to be prepared like other Mystery boxes/crates.

However in this one, I think the value was solid, it largely the Cat that’s the showpiece and is arguably worth £19.99+ in its own right, same with the statue and Socks, both these can be a good price. As normal the quality is good when it comes to Marvel and even with the variety of the products you will get something for someone, and in our family, there was definitely something, I no doubt will use the socks and both the Mashem and Pint size hero will join Tiggers collection of collectibles.


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