Securing A Mortgage Without Worrying

Securing A Mortgage Without Worrying, Getting a mortgage is exciting. But it can be exhausting. There can be many reasons why you are denied a mortgage. Those looking to get a mortgage in the future for their family and personal achievements, don’t worry. There are various tricks that can help improve your chances of getting a mortgage. 


Using this guide, you can unlock some secrets on how to secure a mortgage for the future.

Get expert help to sort out your money issues

Although it isn’t ideal to have money issues, it can happen to many people. Don’t panic if you have trouble with money or savings, as you can get help. 

Using an expert chartered financial planner will help you organize your money and improve your chances of securing a mortgage. If you have money troubles or lack saving skills, they will help you. With expert guidance, you can make sure your money is sorted and more eligible for a mortgage. 

Fix your credit score

Not many mortgage dealers and banks will offer someone a mortgage with poor credit. Hence, it is good to go about fixing your poor credit score before you apply for a mortgage. 

Some tips to help you fix your credit score include:

  • Check your current score
  • Pay off debts
  • Try to avoid buy now, pay later deals
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Ask for higher credit limits

With a high credit score, this will be one more reason a lender is happy to help you secure a mortgage. 

Don’t assume every lender is nice

Another great tip to boost your mortgage chances is to stop thinking that every lender will like you. Some lenders play hard to get. These are often the best ones. So, you will want to win them over somehow. 

If they are hard to break, there will be others out there who are willing to help you. If you have a good credit score and your money is in order, there is very little reason for them to deny you.

Get on the electoral roll

It might sound crazy, but adding yourself to the electoral roll can boost your chances of securing a mortgage. Lenders might use your right to vote for history and personal checks. 

If you are not on the electoral roll, you will make their life difficult. Hence, they might try to make your life difficult. 

Unlink joint bank accounts

If you have a joint bank account with someone who has poor credit or bad financial history, unlink the account before you apply for a mortgage. You can relink it later. But, for the sake of your mortgage, you will not want someone else’s history to impact your chances.

Get rid of closed accounts

Any unused or closed accounts may impact your credit score. Close these permanently to guarantee they do not ruin your chances of getting a mortgage.

Avoid asking for more credit right before your mortgage application

If you try asking your banks for more credit right before you apply for a mortgage, lenders will see this. It will look suspicious. Avoid this at all costs.

Be good and stop spending so much

Spending a lot of money will be evident to lenders. They can see this from your bank statements. Do your best to be good and reduce your spending. When the leadup to mortgage applications comes, it will look better if you control your spending. 

It doesn’t look good if you use your overdraft

If you dip in and out of your overdraft, it doesn’t look good. You need to maintain a healthy bank balance to impress lenders. They will want to help you if they can see you taking care of your money. Using an overdraft can make it seem that you cannot control your spending. Lenders might worry you are bad at saving and paying on time. Hence, they will avoid trying to help you.

Save some more money for your deposit

If you have some time before your mortgage application, try to save as much as possible. Having a larger deposit will help your application. It will prove to lenders that you are capable of being good with money. Plus, it will reduce your monthly mortgage payments. It is a win on both sides, so it makes sense to save as much as possible. 

Using this guide, you can find the best tricks to help you secure a mortgage deal without worrying that you will never find one. Do your best to cover all of these tips for maximum effect

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