Diary From A Dad | April 2023

As each month goes by my Diary from a Dad look at what’s happening with our little family, through all the adventures, challenges and obstacles that come to our lives. As a family of 5, with 3 children at different ages every day, week and month can offer something different. It Was April! it was Easter time! and the weather was getting Better! but what else happened this month? well let’s look.

Table of Contents

Easter Time

Ofcorse the big moment of the month was it was Easter time! after the kids broke up for Easter Holidays right at the end of the last month we started this one right bang into it, as you know in the UK Easter moves all over the kid’s time off normally, and can be a little frustrating to plan etc.. but this time it was in the middle of it. Boo was taking some time off but not the whole time for me, I wasn’t taking any time off as normally this is the school break that I don’t take off, I put my time off at after times of the year.

As I’ve detailed before Easter isn’t such a big time for us compared to Xmas etc.. though we still have fun, especially with an Easter Roast dinner, and an Easter Hunt in the Garden, our normal Annual fun! But being 6 months plus away from all their birthdays we tend to get one Easter Egg, and that’s it, with Presents more of a big thing. As I’ve said before the kids go almost the whole year with not many treats, but November and December are all gone. So we will often get them a treat for Easter.

With Roo still doing some School work in prep for her final exams, the rest of the holidays were a little bit more low key, we had done that on purpose this year because of the concentration Roo needs, so it might not seem like we are doing much this first half of the year buts that intentional. However, some family time with board games and the kids playing on their Tech together still allowed us all to have some fun.

With us still on the hunt for a new Mum mobile and sorting out finances to accommodate that there was many more adventures, especially with Roo, a Day out to a local country estate etc.. was a nice change. The weather held and it was a pretty place to look around. across the country, there are many different places like this to see, but Norfolk and Suffolk etc have quite alot so we do like to try and take the opportunity when we can, and it’s a good change of pace for the kids.

Summer Approaching

We start to switch minds now with the summer approaching, I’ve been doing things in the garden as the weather is turning, we have some plans but with now the car issues, we will delay this till at least next year, but at the same time we now face an unusual problem, our kids are growing up, and like other families, our gardens etc.. have been filled with kids garden stuff, but now with the kids getting older we are in this debate of what to do going in the future. We have some sports equipment, Slides, Swings, Basketball, playhouses, and Football stuff, and some will be good to carry forward but some won’t be.

A Cinema trip for the kids saw us see Super Mario Bros, as I’ve detailed before its still a big deal for us, looking forward there’s also several more films over the summer that will see us returning several more times.

Onto May

Next Month sees us beginning to get busier again, it all kicks off at the end of May, with Half term… so let the rest of the year chaos begin…


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